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Do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike?  Did you use training wheels?  I remember trying to ride bikes with training wheels as a kid.  It was such an awkward feeling to have to balance on two wheels and keep steady while the training wheels made the bike wobble around.  They actually made bike riding more difficult but at the same time left you with that secure feeling of knowing you wouldn’t fall over. 

 My daughter is such a little dare-devil.  She loves to climb tall objects, balance on small surfaces and go really fast on anything that rolls.  She got a little plastic tricycle for Christmas last year and we noticed her great balance right away.  Now, I know that they have three wheels and you don’t really have to balance, but she wasn’t actually riding it.  She was standing on the seat and wanting us to push her around.  Clearly she was in need of something a little more daring and fast-paced than a plastic tricycle.  While on a search for other options, I came across a company called Kinderfeets.

Kinderfeets makes wooden push bikes without pedals for children ages 2 and up.  I think this is such a great idea.  Kids can learn to balance on a two-wheeled bike with the security of being able to simply put their feet on the ground to keep from falling.  I’ve also heard them called balance bikes, training bikes and even running bikes.
Kinderfeets was designed by a Dutch designer living in California.  *High five* to another Californian!  What sets the Kinderfeets bike apart from other balance bikes are these key features:  washable seat cover, chalk board finish colors, no-air tires, adjustable seat level and foot pegs for cruising.
We received a pink Kinderfeets bike to review and I’m very impressed.  The bike was so easy to put together and didn’t come with a bunch of tiny parts.  The wood is very nice quality and the whole bike is very nicely built.  I love that the wheels don’t have spokes and that my daughter can’t get her feet or hands stuck in them.  My daughter loves the chalkboard paint that she can color on.  Kids can really personalize their bike and show their designs off to their friends.
My daughter loves when daddy pushed her around the backyard really fast.  They ride wheelies and make motorcycle noises.  My daughter is only 15 months old so she can’t completely ride the bike on her own yet but I know it’s only a matter of a few months before she grasps the concept.  Of course, when she starts riding the bike on her own we will definitely invest in a helmet.  🙂  One con about the bike is that it doesn’t turn very sharply but I’m sure kids wouldn’t see this as a problem.
The Kinderfeets bike comes in multiple colors:  Natural wood ($99), Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Black (all $109 each).  All but the natural wood color are made with the chalkboard finish.
To order your own Kinderfeets bike:  Visit the Kinderfeets Store HERE.


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