Tiny Love – Musical Stack and Ball Game Review

Any toy that comes with a ball is right up my daughter’s alley.  One of her favorite words is “Ballllllll!” She also loves toys that she can take apart and put back together.  So many toys out there are not built with children’s intelligence in mind.  I recently discovered a company called Tiny Love that designs their toys to engage our children’s creativity, skills and minds.  Tiny Love offers products that help develop your child’s fine motor skills and so much more.

The Tiny Love Musical Stack and Ball game teaches children cause and effect.  When you drop a ball down the shoot, it lands on a button that plays sounds and lights up.  I remember when my daughter first learned about cause and effect with her toys.  It was so much fun to watch her figure it out for the first time and continue to explore more cause and effect situations throughout the house.

My daughter has a great time banging the balls together to make music.  She loves any type of musical instrument.  Each ball contains a rattle so they make fun sounds when you shake them.
We had fun throwing the balls in the funnel and watching them roll out of the little door.  The funnel gives the child a large opening to drop the balls into.  If you remove the funnel it exposes only a small opening to challenge the child a little more.
You can pull each of the 4 rings and the elephant funnel off of the base and stack them all back up.  You can even pull some of the rings apart and create a chain.   The Stack and Ball game stimulates multiple senses with different textures, lights and music.  It can help improve your child’s fine motor skills, cognition and spark their imagination and creativity by teaching threading, stacking and sorting as well as opening and closing.

My Opinion:  This toy would make a great gift for children ages six months up to two years.  You really get a 2 for 1 with this toy.  I’m very impressed with the design of this toy.  It’s unique and you really get a lot of “bang for your buck!”
Available on Amazon for $24.25.
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  1. My favorite toy as a child was… Hmmm… I would have to say my Cabbage Patch Dolls especially the one my mom made me! Her name was Donna. I just gave my three daughters my three Cabbage Patch Dolls. I just now (34 years old) felt like I was old enough to give them up! lol

  2. I had this one alphabet train set where you could arrange the letters in many different ways and the train would run the course. I remember it being so fun!

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