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I’m all about trying natural substitutes for everyday products whenever possible.  Unfortunately, these natural substitutes aren’t always that easy to come by.  Plus, there are so many different ‘natural’ brands out there that it’s so overwhelming to make a decision on which to use.  Having used Herbal Choice Mari’s tinted SPFs before, the brand is already familiar to me so I decided to give some more of their products a try.
I tried a trio of Herbal Choice Mari products in exchange for my more popular brand products that aren’t considered to be natural.  I tried the natural shaving soap, natural herbal deodorant and the natural hand wash.  All three products have wonderful scents and come in elegant glass bottles.
Natural Herbal Deodorant ($12.95)
This is a vegan deodorant that is completely aluminum free.  This deodorant is more for women and uses earth’s mineral crystal combined with organic and natural plants.  The purpose in using aluminum in antiperspirants is to block the pores to prevent from sweating, consequently changing the body’s normal function which could lead to long term health concerns.  This product neutralizes your body’s odor for all day protection.
This product is my least favorite of the three I tried because it stings my underarms after shaving.  The smell is very fresh and invigorating and I can actually smell it all day long.  I love that it comes in a spray bottle for easy application, too.
Natural Hand Wash ($12.95)
I’m a frequent hand washer so I’m always on the hunt for a great smelling, effective hand wash liquid.  I’m loving the Mountain Mist scent of this natural hand wash.  It has a rugged, earthy scent that I can’t get enough of.  This hand soap is handmade with organic ingredients that have natural antiseptic properties to effectively cleanse your hands.

Natural Shaving Soap for Her ($16.95)
This is such a great shaving cream.  Simply pump a few pumps of liquid into your hands, lather it up and spread it on the area to be shaved.  I’ve noticed many changes in my skin since switching to this product.  I no longer get razor bumps and my skin actually feels moisturized after shaving.  The scent is super light so it won’t interfere with your lotions or perfumes.  This is a must-try if you experience razor bumps.
To Buy
I encourage you to head over to the Herbal Choice Mari website, www.herbalchoicemari.com and browse their many natural and organic products.  I challenge you to swap out three of your non natural everyday products for natural ones and experience the differences.
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  1. I use honest for most of our household cleaning products, and I am addicted to the shea moisture hair/body line. I also use homemade cleaning and beauty products. I am slowly trying to green our home. Next is replacing paper towels with reusable versions and trying out wool dryer balls (Miriam Matheny)

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