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Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Gift Ideas for Kids

Gift Ideas for Kids for 2014

1.  Amish Toybox (www.amishtoybox.com)

Our Pick:  Wooden Fire Truck ($69.50)

Age Recommendation:  2 and up

Why We Like It:  Amish Toybox is an online shop that sells Amish-made wooden toys, games and doll furniture. Browse their unique selections and discover the difference between ordinary toys and their handcrafted toys that will last a lifetime.  Wooden toys are a timeless favorite.  This firetruck has real working parts like a reelable fire hose and moving ladder that boys, girls and adults alike will love.  The quality of the craftsmanship of this fire truck is unparalleled and this is a toy that will last for decades.  If you're looking for a toy that is not over stimulating and that doesn't require batteries, you'v got to check out Amish Toybox.

2.  Roaming Reindeer (www.roamingreindeer.com)

Our Pick:  Roaming Reindeer Kit ($34.95)

Age Recommendation:  2 years and up

Why We Like It:  If you're familiar with Elf on the Shelf, you'll love Roaming Reindeer.  This new children's christmas book tradition encourages good behavior and helps our little visual learners understand cause and effect of their good and bad behavior.  Read our full review here.

3.  Playskool/Hasbro (www.hasbro.com)

Our Pick:  Tumble and Glow Froggio ($19.99)

Age Recommendation: 1 year and up

Why We Like It:  Introduce baby to fun ball drop play with the Tumble 'n Glow Froggio ramp toy! When baby feeds this froggy friend, he'll ribbit back, his cheeks will glow, and he'll make fun music. Little ones will love to watch the colorful balls roll down the ramp, gather the balls out of the base, and see what happens each time they interact. This toy is geared towards the younger kids but my three-year old loves it.  This toy was super easy to put together and has provided hours of entertainment for my child.

4.  Playskool/Hasbro (www.hasbro.com)

Our Pick:  Rock, Ride 'n Stride Hippo ($39.99)

Age Recommendation:  9 months and up

Why We Like It:  It's 3 toys in 1 for 3 times the fun! Get your little one walking, rocking, and scooting along with this innovative hippo ride-on toy. It grows with kids to keep the adventures going, easily converting from one mode to another. Little ones can trigger twinkling lights with movement in any mode. They can also control the volume of 4 action-activated tunes based on how fast or slow they go! The dashboard has light-up buttons with fun responses to explore for curious kids.  We love the multiple play options and the quality of this ride-on toy.  The age recommendations says nine months and up but even the older toddlers have a blast with it.

5.  Silverlit (www.silverlit.com)

Our Pick:  Nano Falcon ($39.99)

Age Recommendation:  8 and up

Why We Like It:  This tiny little helicopter holds the world record for being the smallest remote controlled helictopter.  It's smaller than 22mm and weighs less than 11g. This three channel indoor helicopter flies up and down; forward and backwards; left and right.  The built-in Gyro Stabilizer makes flying easy so even the kids can do it.  The prices variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control.  This tiny little 'copter charges right on it's remote control without the need of messy cords.

6.  Baby Sign Language (www.babysignlanguage.com)

Our Pick:  Standard Kit ($39.99)

Age Recommendation:  0+ months

Why We Like It:  It's so important to teach infants early communication skills.  With this baby sign language kit, you can teach your infant to communicate before he/she can even talk.  The Standard Baby Sign Language Kit contains everything you need to get started learning and teaching your little one sign language.  Our favorite product in the package is the pack of flash cards.  The illustrations make sign language easy to learn and teach basic signs.

7.  Green Toys (www.greentoys.com)

Our Pick:  Helicopter ($16.99)

Age Recommendation:  2 years and up

Why We Like It:  Green toys has been one of our favorite toy brands since 2011.  Their toys are made from recycled milk jugs and are completely safe for children to play with.  The quality of the plastic made from the recycled materials is great allowing these toys to take a pounding and survive.

8.  Trendiy Art (www.amazon.com)

Our Pick:  Headband Accessories Kit ($19.22)

Age Recommendation:  8 years and up

Why We Like It:  Do you know a little girl that loves DIY crafts?  This is definitely the gift for her.  Kids can get creative and create their own fashion accessories to keep or give as gifts.  We prefer all-in-one kits versus purchasing the materials separately as it saves money and eliminates the mess.

9.  B kids (www.buybuybaby.com) - B kids, innovators in the development of classic and educational toys for infants to toddlers, teams up with Room to Grow this holiday season to help children in need. B kids will donate a portion of its toy proceeds from specialty retail partners.  Help us spread the word! Learn more at http://care.bkidsfun.com/.

Our Pick:  Blink 'n Bling Ball

Age Recommendation:  6+ months

Why We Like It:  Designed to enhance baby's sense of touch, auditory awareness and motor skills, the Blink 'n Bling Ball makes for one fun activity for the entire family.  Let your little one roll it around and experience the fun lights and sounds or create a family game out of it for family game night.

10.  Flip2BFit (www.flip2bfit.com)

Our Pick:  Fitness in a Box ($34.95)

Age Recommendation:  6 years and up

Why We Like It:  These fun children's games incorporate yoga, cardio, stretching and strength to get everyone up and moving, jumping, laughing and just simply having fun while exercising.  Play as individuals or in groups for added fun.  There's no experience or equipment needed (which we love).  Spin a wheel, pick a card and complete the exercises.

11.  VTech (www.vtechkids.com)

Our Pick:  Chomp 'n Count Dino ($19.99)

Age Recommendation:  12 - 36 months

Why We Like It:  The various modes and learning experiences make this toy one of our new favorites for toddlers.  Kids can feed the Dino a healthy treat or pull it behind them for added fun.  Read our full review here.

12.  VTech (www.vtechkids.com)

Our Pick:  Grow Along Music Center ($29.99)

Age Recommendation:  12 - 36 months

Why We Like It:  The entire family can have fun with the voice changer on this music center.  Talk like a robot, play a saxophone or one of the other fun instruments and just have fun rocking out with this great toy.  Read our full review here.

13.  VTech (www.vtechkids.com)

Our Pick:  Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser ($39.99)

Age Recommendation:  6 - 36 months

Why We Like It:  Little ones love ride-on-toys and the act of "driving."  In the ride-on mode, this toy gives the child the feeling that they are driving a car with the realistic engine sounds, the shifter, horn and driving sounds.  Read our full review here.

14.  VTech (www.vtechkids.com)

Our Pick:  Smart Shots Sports Center ($39.99)

Age Recommendation:  12 - 36 months

Why We Like It:  Encourage your little basketball or soccer lover to be the best they can be or introduce your little one to something new with this fun Vtech toy.  This one has an animated LED screen for an enhanced play experience.  Read our full review here.

15.  Lincoln Logs (www.knex.com)

Our Pick:  Collector's Edition Homestead ($99.99)

Age Recommendation:  3 years and up

Why We Like It:  This timeless classic will capture the hearts of kids of all ages.  Kids can build log cabins by the book or create their own designs.  Read our full review here.

16.  Tinkertoy (www.knex.com)

Our Pick:  30 Model Super Building Set ($49.99)

Age Recommendation:  3 years and up

Why We Like It:  With TinkerToys, the possibilities are endless.  Let you little one's imagination and creativity take over as you watch them stay occupied for hours.  Read our full review here.

17.  Charm-It (www.shopcharm-it.com)

Our Pick:  Frozen True Love Gift Set ($29.00) (Avail. at GapKids)

Age Recommendation:  5 years and up

Why We Like It:  CHARM IT! by High IntenCity is an iconic, detachable charm jewelry line for girls from five to fourteen. Nearly fifteen years since its launch, the brand remains a popular jewelry product adored by girls and parents alike. In fact, CHARM IT! is a favorite among celebrity moms, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Heidi Klum.  Each charm is highly detailed and can reflect the personality of your little girl.

18.  The Original Bed Bug (www.originalbedbug.com)

Our Pick:  Bed Bug ($29.99)

Age Recommendation:   6 months and up

Why We Like It:  We love the idea of using The Bed Bug to soothe children when parents are away.  The bed bug gives you the capability to record two 20-second recordings and one storybook length message.  When your child pushes the buttons they can instantly hear their loved one's voice.  This is great for grandparents to give to their grandchildren, distant relatives to give to their loved ones and parents to give to their children.

19.  Beth Quinn Designs (www.bethquinndesigns.com)

Our Pick:  Always Sparkle Necklace ($25.00)

Age Recommendation:  5 years and up

Why We Like It:  This super chic necklace designed for little girls reminds them to "always sparkle" in such a cheery way.  This is a great gift for the little fashionista.

20.  Nanoblock (www.ohioart.com)

Our Pick:  The Parthenon ($26.99)

Age Recommendation:  8 years and up

Why We Like It:  Nanoblocks are great for boys and girls and offer hours of open-ended play.  Kids can stick to the instructions or venture off and create their own unique block designs.

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