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This post was made possible by Art Therapy.  Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and visit our sponsors.

Have you ever found yourself at the table coloring in your child's coloring books only to look up and notice that your child has moved onto something else... and you're still coloring?  This is me.  I love coloring but I had never found adult coloring books that were cheap enough to actual purchase.  I'm a big time bargain shopper when it comes to my own things so I couldn't justify spending $10 or more on one single coloring book for myself.

I was approached by a brand called Art Therapy recently to do a blog post highlighting their stress relieving coloring books.  This post is actually sponsored by Art Therapy and I am so happy that I'm collaborating with them for the next three months.  I've found myself relaxing more and taking more time for myself amidst the chaos of being a SAHM to two girls under four thanks to their coloring books - and I'm not ashamed to say it.  I'm a mom and I enjoy coloring books!

Why is Art Therapy Different?

Art Therapy works a little differently than most coloring book brands.  It's actually a magazine subscription service that delivers adult coloring books to your mailbox every month.  Inside each magazine you'll find gorgeous coloring patterns and small articles that focus on mindfulness and relaxation.  These magazines aren't stuffed full of patterns that you'll never complete.  Instead, each book has six full page patterns along with some mini patterns and inspiring hints and tips to boost your wellbeing.

Because most adult coloring books market themselves as relaxation tools, I feel that investing a little bit of money into a brand like Art Therapy can really go a long way for your mental health.  I find that I focus better when doing a busy activity like coloring or doodling, and I do some of my best thinking when I'm coloring.

Buy Art Therapy

The introductory price for Art Therapy is $4.95 which includes free shipping and these free gifts spread between deliveries:

You will receive your FREE pencil case with your first shipment. 
You will receive your FREE magazine tidybox and FREE XXL coloring poster with your second shipment. 
You will receive your FREE coloring board with your third shipment.
You will receive your FREE color wheel with your fifth shipment. 
You will receive your FREE portfolio with your eighth shipment. 
You will receive your FREE gel pen set with your twelfth shipment. 

Each shipment thereafter will cost you $4.95 per issue and you'll get four issues per month plus $1 shipping and handling per issue.  So basically, it will cost you $23.80 per month.  That's probably cheaper than four overpriced coffees from the local coffee shop.  But hey, if a coffee and a coloring book help you relax, get 'em both!

Visit to explore their products!


  1. Art Therapy seems wonderful and relaxing. I would enjoy using these products. My daughter is an artist and finds drawing really relaxing too.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. What a fun deal! I love these books.

  3. I have always loved coloring, so when I had kids it was a blast coloring with them! :) But it has always been kid themed coloring pages, it's so awesome that someone came up with these adult coloring books! It is definitely very relaxing.

  4. I would like to try one of these adult coloring books! Im getting sick of coloring hello kitty pictures! :)

  5. Adult coloring is wonderful. We have an adult coloring club at my local library. You should check your library too! So fun and relaxing. They even have swear words coloring books.

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  7. I unpack such coloring for myself from the website And for children in general every day we take a coloring from there!

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