Planning A Party? Stress-Busting Solutions To See You Through

Are you celebrating a special occasion? Are you planning a party and hoping to impress friends and family? Organizing any event can be stressful. Thankfully, there are ways of saving time and effort and eliminating last-minute hitches. Here are some stress-busting solutions to help you plan the party of the year without any hassle at all.

Giving Guests Notice

When you decide to have a party, the first thing you usually do is draw up a guest list. Once you’ve got your list, set up a social media event or send out some invitations, but make sure you give your guests as much notice as possible.

Many people have hectic schedules. The sooner they have a date, the higher the chance they’ll make it. It’s always beneficial to specify an RSVP date. This will give you an accurate idea of numbers before you make final decisions about food. In the days leading up to the deadline, give your friends a gentle reminder if you haven’t received an RSVP from them.

Planning Ahead

It’s always a good idea to be organized when you’re planning an event. If you leave everything to the last second, life can get very stressful. Get the main obstacles out of the way first. Send out invitations and get numbers. Decide on a theme. Think about what kind of food you’re going to serve and how you’re going to decorate. If you’re booking caterers or entertainment of any kind, do this well in advance of the party.

Ordering Online

If you’re taking control of food and drink, online shopping is a godsend. You can place an order on the Internet in seconds, and it will arrive on your doorstep at a specified time. You don’t have to worry about carrying heavy bags or making time for a trip to the grocery store. If you’re catering for a large group, think about easy options. You could do a buffet, or fire up the barbecue if it’s a summer gathering. When it comes to providing drinks, it’s often cheaper and easier to buy in bulk. Can you buy alcohol online or visit a store like Costco to stock up on drinks to save time and money? I’m all about saving time and money. Make sure you take a look to your RSVPs before you order and work out how much you need. Keep track of what you’ve ordered, and create storage space for when your delivery arrives.  

Getting Help

Arranging an event single-handedly is a big job. If people offer their services or assistance, don’t turn them down. A helping hand from time to time can make all the difference. Rope in friends and family to help you set up, prepare the food, and pour drinks. Make sure you have a team of helpers to assist in the clean-up operation, too. The more hands on deck, the faster you’ll get it done.

Party planning is exciting, but it’s also hard work. If you’re hosting, plan ahead, and think about ways you can make life easier. Order food and drinks online, and make sure you give people an RSVP date. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and keep a record of what’s been ordered and paid for.

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