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Super Shortcuts For Beauty Obsessed Desperate Housewives


You’re more than likely a busy woman with a demanding schedule and a hectic life. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look beautiful while leading it. These time-saving beauty shortcuts will give you a few more minutes every day. You could find yourself saving a couple of hours a month, which of course, you can then spend on a massage at the spa...  

Morning Madness

A simple trick for the morning rush is always to keep your products laid out in your bathroom in the order that you will use them each day. Cleanser, toner, serum, BB cream, etc…

Do the same with your makeup. Streamline your makeup bag only to include the everyday items you use. Keep a separate bag for all your other items or store everything else in clear acrylic drawers.

Makeup Masters

Apply foundation with the iconic Beauty Blender that is taking the beauty world by storm. This bestselling elliptical shaped sponge gives a flawless finish to foundation and concealer. You’ll save a lot of time not having to faff around with brushes too.

Use a multi-tasking stick that works triple duty to color your eyes, cheeks and lips. You’ll then only need to carry one item in your bag throughout the day. NARS The Multiple has a beautiful consistency and lots of color choices. Becca Beach Tint is super easy to apply and comes in lots of deliciously scented shades. You can also use a gel bronzer in place of foundation. Chantecaille does a luxurious long-wearing gel bronzer which also includes age defensive ingredients.  

Hair Raising Tips

Use a micro fibre towel to dry your hair quickly. These towels suck up water much faster than regular ones and can cut your drying time in half. Investing in a good cut and color regularly will also shorten styling time, as there will be no dead ends or frizzies to deal with. The same goes for investing in a high-quality hairdryer. Go for the highest wattage you can find and ionic technology.

If you wear wigs or half hair pieces on a regular basis, consider investing in a Wig Mate Wig Stand. This great little contraption has a specially designed handle that enables you to store multiple wigs behind your door or in your cupboard. It also features an adhesive shower base so you can easily drip dry your wigs over the bath tub and save lots of time.

Eye Spy A Shortcut

Say goodbye to fiddly lash curlers and tonnes of mascara in your quest for a dreamy doe-eye. Instead, get yourself to the beauty salon immediately. Treat yourself to a lash lift treatment and dye every eight weeks and all you’ll need is one coat of mascara in the morning. This magical lash lift has revolutionised the way we make up our eyes. This natural treatment curls and lifts your lashes some mega 90 degrees. Your lashes will look twice as long and thick for up to two months. One of our favourite time-saving treatments.

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Now… let's get that massage booked in!


Maryann D. said...

I do have to get a micro fibre towel to dry my hair quickly. I don't have a lot of time to let my hair air dry naturally. So this is a great idea.
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Jenna H said...

Keeping my beauty products out in my bathroom and such a time saver!

Cynthia Jueneman said...

That lash lift treatment and tint sounds amazing! I read it is natural, but do you happen to have any other information on it?