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Unproductive Days as a Work-at-Home-Mom

Hey, Boss Moms!

Do you ever have really unproductive days?  Today I've done a lot of social media browsing, following, commenting, liking, sharing - which is great for my social media strategy, but I haven't done much in the way of blog work.  I have a list of photography projects I need to get done today, but I need better lighting outside.  I should be writing new blog posts for future projects, writing back to the hundreds of people that email me each week, cleaning my desk and office up, or something more productive than writing a post about being unproductive...

...but I just don't want to work today!  You could call it a case of the Mondays!

My husband and kids are all napping which is a great time to tackle a ton of work.  I just can't get it together today and would rather hang out on Pinterest looking for Fall outfits, blogging inspiration, gift ideas, bucket list-worthy vacation destinations, and all the other randomness I find.

I've found that in order to keep my sanity and keep myself from getting burnt out, it's okay to have unproductive days.  We need time to gather our thoughts sometimes.  We need time to not have any thoughts, too.

Instead of putting so much pressure on myself to get a blog post up every day, I'm learning to just let it go (but not too much).  I've started about 10 things today - laundry, a meal plan for the week, a blog post, a to-do list, etc., but I have yet to finish any of it.  Sticky notes cover my desk, but I'll probably never take a second look at them.

Today, I've chatted quite a bit in my blog engagement groups on Facebook, boosted some social media posts, figured out engagement rates for old social media posts and have written back to some commenters on the blog.  Maybe my day wasn't as unproductive as I thought?

Do you allow yourself to have unproductive days?

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