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We've Outgrown Our Home: What Are The Options Now?

Has your family expanded? Are you sick of tripping over toys all the time or fighting over who has the remote? If you’ve outgrown your home, it may be time for a change. Here are some options you may wish to consider.

Build an extension

Do you love everything about your home apart from the size? Do you have space available to convert or extend? If space is the only issue, it may be possible to turn your cramped house into a more spacious home. If you have a large attic, you could convert it into one or two bedrooms, or create a study or playroom. If you have a cellar or basement you never use, you could make a brand new family kitchen or a games room. Alternatively, if these options aren’t viable, you could extend. If you have a large garden, you could create a single or double story extension at the back of the house. This will give you an extra reception room and a bedroom. It may also be possible to extend to the side of the property.

If you’re thinking about extending, get some quotes from different building firms, and have a look at plans.

Buy a new home

If you’re not desperate to stay in your home, have a look at what’s on the market. Choose your location, call some real estate agents, and search online. Work out your budget and arrange some viewings. There are various options when it comes to buying. You could buy somewhere that is ready to move into straight away. Or you may wish to buy something that needs a little TLC. This could save you money, and enable you to put your stamp on it. If you are interested in a doer-upper, make sure you have a firm figure in mind for renovation work.

Build a house

This may sound daunting. But it’s a perfect solution for anyone who is desperate to make their dream home a reality. Contact agents about plots of land and work out your budget. You’ll need to add the price of the land to the total estimated build cost. Get a range of quotes from different firms and discuss plans in detail. Always make sure you have money available to cover any unexpected costs you encounter along the way.

With a building project, you have free reign to design your perfect home. But it may take time, which means you won’t be able to move as quickly. If you’re building and you’re keen to save time and money, get friends and family to help out. It’s also wise to consider hiring equipment, such as a tower crane or backhoe.

If you’re thinking of moving house, there are lots of different options to consider. You may be desperate to move as quickly and do as little DIY as possible. In this case, a new home is probably the best choice. You may prefer to do some cosmetic work yourself or renovate an older property. Or you may be feeling brave enough to build your own house. Do some research, work out figures, and weigh up the pros and cons.

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Maryann D. said...

This is really good advice and I know many people outgrow their homes. I like the idea of an extension and it would be super to design the new area and add value to your home.
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