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Think Your Nursery Is Ready? Read This First.

If you have a baby on the way, you will no doubt be busy getting ready for their arrival. And one of the biggest tasks all prospective parents have to undertake is creating a nursery for your baby. You’ll have probably spent a lot of time on your new nursery already. Think you’ve done everything you can? Read on to find out why there could be more you can do.

Personalize Your Nursery

Add some cute finishing touches to the nursery by personalizing it. You could get some letter stencils to print your child’s name onto the nursery walls. Another great idea is to buy a pretty sign for the bedroom door with their name on it. It is understandable if you are too busy to go shopping for personalized decorations and ornaments in the run-up to the birth. You might get a lot of gorgeous things to add to the nursery at your baby shower or even your baby’s christening.

Soft Flooring

It will definitely pay off if you think about the flooring in the nursery. The best option is to carpet it fully. If your room has hard floors, you should think about adding a large rug. This will give your baby a soft place on which he or she can play. It will also help to minimize any tears if they ever fall over when they start to walk!

Soft Lighting

And it isn’t just the floor of your nursery that should be soft. It can be beneficial to have soft lighting. This is great when you are trying to get your baby to sleep at night. The lighting won’t be too bright that it prevents them from settling. Consider getting recessed lighting as the large bulbs can help the light to fill the whole room. They are also exceptionally safe as they have undergone extensive safety tests.

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Remember Plenty Of Storage

Think you have enough closet space in your nursery? Think again! You may be surprised by just how much you will need! It’s not just for their current toys. You need to consider all the space you will need to store clothes that your baby has yet to grow into. And all the clothes they have grown out of. And don’t forget all their toys! When it comes to creating your nursery, you can never have too much storage space.

Don’t Forget About You

You should also add some touches that are just for you and your partner. A seating area will be beneficial, especially when you are doing your midnight feeds. Many parents also find it is useful having some books in the seating area, so they don’t get too bored during the feeds. Think about adding a diary or notebook to your pile of books, or even your little one's baby book. Then you can jot down anything that you think of doing while you are feeding. This will prevent your baby brain from forgetting it!