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Philips Avent Breastfeeding Essentials Giveaway

August was national breastfeeding month, which I completely missed, so I thought I would play catch-up this week with a giveaway sponsored by Philips Avent.  Breastfeeding is definitely challenging, but so rewarding.

Philips Avent is a leader in the baby product world and is a brand that I trust.  From bottles and pumps, to breast care and breast milk storage products, Philips Avent provides parents with the products and resources necessary to achieve the best Nourishing Moments with your little one.

Breastfeeding Tips:

Latching and scabs:  In the beginning (at the hospital) my first baby wasn't latching correctly, but I was too scared to break the latch.  As long as she was feeding, I was happy (pain and all).  Because she didn't latch correctly, though, I ended up getting horrible scabs (TMI, sorry).  

  • I recommend using Lanolin for at least a week before you start breastfeeding to soften your nipples.  I used this a TON in the beginning of breastfeeding my child.  At least for the first few months.
  • I also recommend using Philips Avent Thermogel pads for soothing your tired and sore nipples.
  • Discover the Breast care Comfort Breast Shell by Philips.  These are a must and are amazing. 

Breastfeeding is a 3-handed job at first:  While we were in the hospital with my first daughter, we had a great nurse that really got my husband involved in the breastfeeding process.  The nurse taught him how to get the baby to latch correctly and how to keep the baby sucking.  This was so helpful.

Use disposable nursing pads:   Leaks do happen, ladies!  And it seems like they always happen at the WRONG time.  I recommend always having some disposable nursing pads tucked in your bra.  People will never know you "stuffed" your bra and they will protect you from leaking all over your clothes.

Don't let you baby fall asleep at the breast every feeding:  I always made sure that my babies were awake when I put them to sleep so they learned to sooth themselves to sleep.  This became extremely important as they got a little older.

Buy a good breast pump:   Luckily for me I didn't have to go back to work, but if I ever needed a sitter, a milk supply was necessary.  Check with your insurance carrier to see if they will provide you with a breast pump or look into the Philips Avent pumps.
  • If you plan to pump your milk, you will also need milk storage bags or cups.

    I hope these tips have helped you!  Remember, don't get discouraged if others are telling you to stop breastfeeding or if the pain seems unbearable at times, especially in the beginning.  


    Philips Avent has sponsored a giveaway on The Naptime Reviewer.  One lucky winner will receive a breastfeeding essentials prize pack which includes:

    • Breast Milk Storage Bags - 25 Count ($5.99 Value)
    • Two 0m+ Feeding Bottles - 4 oz. ($16.99 Value)
    • Breastcare Essentials Set ($13.99 Value)
    • Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump ($149.99 Value)
    How to enter:  Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below.  We will choose one winner after 9/17/16.  Good luck!

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    Gabriela Anderson said...

    My Breastfeeding tips is don't give up even though some days are hard Brestfeeding is 100 with every painful second

    Angela said...

    Absolutely it is! Breastfed babies grow up to be healthier and better in so many ways. And I mean c'mon, you went through labor, but can't handle a little breastfeeding pain? Toughen up! ;)

    Unknown said...

    If you are going back to work, start pumping as early as you can physically and emotionally handle it (the first week is ideal). Having a good stockpile in the freezer will make going back so much easier.

    Sharon said...

    Don't give up. And if you need help with breastfeeding, please ask for help. there is always someone who has been there and done that.

    Kristie said...

    I don't have a tip except keep trying. Nursing pads are great. They even have ones that you could wash if you don't want to use the disposable kind. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

    Meaghan said...

    My tip is to practice hands on pumping and hand express after pumping. You can drastically increase your output!

    Donna Cantrell said...

    My tip is to pump 15 minutes after each feed to help with milk supply.

    Anonymous said...

    I am new to the breasfeeding ( My son will be born in November) I am really excited to see the difference


    Whitney Cox said...

    I had a problem with oversupply. I used a technique called 'block feeding'. This consists of feeding on one side for two (or three, or even four!) consecutive times until the problem resolves.
    For example, if baby breastfeeds on the left breast, the next time he/she eats, feed on the left side again.

    Cynthia Eason said...

    My breastfeeding tip is that you do not have to wash your pump parts after every session! You can place them in the fridge after pumping (without washing or rinsing out) and use for the next session. I did not know this when I breastfed my first child.

    Condotel 44 Trần Phú Nha Trang said...

    I feel very good

    Deanna Watson said...

    I haven't done it yet, but my tip is to get the right nutrients for mama so baby can get the same. It takes team work!

    Gabrielly Margutti said...

    Don't give up and ask for help.

    Amy Fischer said...

    be patient

    tat2gurlzrock said...

    I don't have any tips that haven't already been mentioned but I do know it is so much better for your baby!

    latanya t said...

    This will be my first time. I am taking classes at a local hospital.

    Stacey Roberson said...

    Breastfeeding takes time and patience. Don't give up - it gets easier.

    Laurie Nykaza said...

    I did not produce enough milk and went to a bottle some people do have this problem experts that I saw could not help dont let people guilt you if you cant do it I did for months but then I had no milk production.

    Sandra Watts said...

    All I can say is be patient. It was not the easiest for me starting out but it gets better.

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