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Travel The World Like A Pro With These Shocking Yet Savvy Strategies!

Travel Tips - Travel Like A Pro

We all know the usual tips and tricks of jetting around the world. For instance, we know that we should go online to get the best deals. And we also know that we should book ahead to save money on flights and accommodation. But, there are some strategies that you will seldom hear about.

In fact, only seasoned veterans of the travel world know the "pro" tips to traveling the world! Well, for today's blog post, I will share with you the things those pros might not want you to know! Check them out:

Get an Amex Platinum card

American Express cards, in particular, the Platinum ones, give people that travel many benefits. One specific example relates to beating the long TSA queues at American airports.

You can pay $85 to join the TSA pre-check line program. Pay for it using your Amex Platinum card and the fee will get refunded to you. Now you can become a "trusted" traveler without having to pay for it!

Take an empty water bottle with you

Fed up of paying for expensive bottles of water on your travels? No problem! Take an empty one with you and refill it for free. You can do so from places like hotel gyms, for instance.

Buy snacks from local supermarkets

Hotels will charge you a fortune for snacks and refreshments in your room. And the problem doesn't go away if you dine at their restaurants! There will often be a local supermarket just a few minutes' walk from your hotel. Go there and stock up on some snacks to save yourself a fortune

Order any expensive goods online

Damaged your smartphone? Killed your laptop? Don't pay over the odds for a new one abroad. Instead, use an online retailer and have your goods delivered to your hotel! E-commerce is big business these days! That means you won't have trouble finding an online supplier abroad.

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