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Streamline Your Life - Less Stress. More Organization.

Organizing life

Life can be crazy and hectic sometimes. There are so many demands on our time.  So many unspoken pressures on how to look, what our home should be like, how we should be doing at work, or how we are raising our families. It can make your head spin! But what if we said no to all the conflicting demands. What would it be like if we streamlined our lives?  Read on to find out.

Our homes

Take a leaf out of the minimalist book and organize your home. Less clutter means it's easier to wash, tidy and keep on top of things, so you home does not contribute to a feeling of chaos.

Do you need 30 outfits in your wardrobe? How many items do you actually wear? Could you make better use of a capsule, where there was always something to wear that matched and looked good?

What about the kid's toys? Do they need to have all of their toys at once? Have they got a regular place that is tucked away from view to always return their toys to, once they have stopped playing with them? Little changes like these can make a massive difference to your life and stop you feeling overwhelmed.

Our Attention

There are a lot of things in the modern world that are designed to catch our attention. But sometimes they can act more as a distraction. Try the mantra “One thing at a time.

So, if you are eating just concentrate of the taste and flavor of the food. If you are talking to your kids, just listen to what they have to say and focus on them. Ok, it's not always practical as they might be used to doing two things at once. But try it out, as they might feel like they are getting a better quality of attention too.

Our Time

One of the most important ways to streamline your life is to make a list of what is important to do and schedule that into your day. Some people use a planner or calendar for this. While others use their mobile phones. Whatever you do, though just pick one method of scheduling and stick to it, or it can become an unorganized mess.

It's important to think ahead too. Make sure you have your planner or 2017 calendar before the new year. Then you can start planning your goals for the year ahead and putting key dates, and events in. Don’t forget to schedule in some rest time too, though.

Our Rest

Another way in which we can streamline our lives is to ensure we get enough rest. It might mean cutting out some screen time. But both our minds and bodies can benefit from this in the long run. Isn’t it better to be refreshed so you can be attentive for your day, than cram in another episode of that boxed set? Streamlining is all about identifying and setting priorities and sticking to them.

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