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Realistic-Looking Pretend Makeup for Kids by Cutegirl Cosmetics

This article and photoshoot is sponsored by Cutegirl Cosmetics.  As always, all opinions are my own and I only work with brands that align with my lifestyle.

If you've been following The Naptime Reviewer for a little while, you might remember one of my favorite posts and kids' products - CUTEGIRL COSMETICS PLAY MAKEUP + DRESS-UP GAMES.  Cutegirl Cosmetics makes the most realistic-looking pretend makeup I've ever seen and my girls just love their products.

Some would argue that teaching our little ones to "need" makeup is probably not the best, but I personally love makeup.  Makeup makes me feel for confident.  It allows me to express myself in an artistic kind of way, and it's just plain fun to do.  Of course I teach my girls that they are beautiful and that they are perfect just the way they are, but I personally do not feel like makeup is a bad thing.

Cutegirl Cosmetics' products are toys.  They are pretend make-up products designed to look like designer cosmetics and they've done a darn good job with the designs.  The colors do not transfer onto the realistic-looking brushes or onto the skin, so it's completely mess-free - and my girls love it!

You may notice the adorably chic cosmetic bags that come with Cutegirl Cosmetics' new makeup sets.  My favorite is the hot pink arrows bag, which I plan to steal from my girls for my own makeup.  The bags are really well-made and durable and are a nice bonus that comes with their makeup sets.

A newer product to hit the Cutegirl Cosmetics line this season is the foundation bottle.  It looks like the real deal and my girls have had a blast pretending to do each other's makeup.

If the arrows bag isn't your thing, you might like this super cute hearts cosmetics bag.  This one is definitely more girly and appeals to the younger crowd.  This bag also comes with the same set of designer-inspired pretend makeup as the arrows bag and is the same price ($19.95).

Pretend makeup is going to be one of the hot holiday gifts this year.  I suggest you forego the cheap products from your local superstore and shop Cutegirl Cosmetics on Amazon or visit www.shopcutegirl.com.


Angela Saver said...

The Cute Girl bags are so cute! My niece would love this!

Kristie said...

The heart bag is super cute! I have never seen this product but I bet my niece would love it! Thanks for sharing! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

Cristen Casados said...

You should totally get her one :)

Cristen Casados said...

You're welcome!! Thanks for reading :)

LauraJJ said...

Oh these are so neat! My niece would love them! This would be a perfect Christmas gift for her! She is such a girly girl! :)