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Hidden Health Dangers In Your Home You Can't Afford To Ignore

We all love to see our homes as a safe place, right? They shield us from the outside world, after all, and it’s the only place where we feel so safe that we can switch off entirely and go to sleep. 

But is your home as safe as you think? Perhaps not. The sad truth is there are many potential dangers in your home that pose serious hazards to your health. Take a look at these potential hidden health dangers in your home and find out how you can give your family the best possible protection.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning gives us all the chance to cool down from the heat of a baking summer, as well as improve the quality of air in your home. The trouble is that air con units are like a magnet for bugs and bacteria. They love the warmth and dirt and will multiply fast if you don’t maintain your system properly. 

The result? Big buildups of bacteria will float around your home, getting into the lungs of anyone who breathes in. It can be dangerous for anyone with a respiratory condition such as asthma, and it is also a big problem for young children and elderly folks.

Ensure you keep your air conditioning maintenance schedule up-to-date so that your unit is working efficiently and keeps those nasty bugs away from your loved ones.  I literally have no idea what ours looks like right now.  Eek!


Dampness is a big problem in many homes - and it can also be incredibly hazardous to your health. If you are living in a damp environment, it is likely that mold will soon start to appear on your walls.

It can show up anywhere, from walls and doors to carpets and ceilings. Again, it’s a huge issue for anyone with a breathing problem, so it’s vital to make regular checks for damp patches or signs of any leaks.

Of course, fixing damp problems can be expensive. You might need to seal basement walls or have major repair work to get behind your walls to a leaking pipe. But the quicker you react to damp, the cheaper it will be to fix the problem. Don’t wait - dampness can also cause serious structural issues.


Electricity is essential in 99.9% of homes in this country. And you don’t need me to tell you how dangerous it can be. However, it’s important to understand that some homes - particularly older builds - are far more hazardous than others.

If your electrical system was installed many moons ago, there is a good chance it is quite unsafe. Modern regulations have helped incidents of electric shock fall dramatically over the last 25 years or so, but older homes are still as dangerous as ever. Call in an electrician and make arrangements to replace your old system with a modern alternative. Doing so will reduce the chances of electrical fires or shocks by a significant amount.

I hope this has helped. Let me know your thoughts - and any other hidden health hazards in the home - in the comments section below!