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Make Your Bed The Coziest Place In The Universe

Comfy Bed - Coffee - Make Your Bed Cozy
If you find that you struggle to get to sleep, it could be affecting your day to day life and that’s never a good thing. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things to deal with and it can lead to all sorts of unwanted problems, such as awful mood swings, lack of concentration and even weight gain.

As well as making sure you have a good sleep routine that you stick to without fail (it’s good to get your body used to a very specific sleep routine so that your body clock can work efficiently), it’s also a great idea to make your place of sleep the most comfortable it can be.

If you don’t love the place where you’re sleeping, how can you expect your body to unwind and fall asleep easily? It just won’t happen, will it? You don’t need to go buying a hugely expensive four poster bed (unless that’s what you truly desire) because there are far cheaper alternatives to get you feeling super comfy whilst you snooze instead.

1. Go Crazy With The Blankets

Obviously this is the top of the list because blankets are just ridiculously cozy. You can stack your bed as high as you want with all sorts of blankets, fur throws and so on. You can mix and match to make it look just as accommodating as it feels and that way you’ll be running to get underneath your covers.

Side note: You might find you struggle a heck of a lot to actually get yourself out of bed in the mornings, especially during winter once you make this step.

2. Get The Best Possible Mattress You Can Afford

If it means saving rather than settling then definitely do this. Mattresses certainly aren’t cheap and it’s not surprising - the best ones offer the fantastic support for your body, and if you constantly wake up with back and neck aches then it could mean you’re well overdue a visit to the bed store. Make sure you look at some reputable mattress reviews before splurging the cash though - those things are not cheap and you don’t want to be crying into your pillow over lost sleep AND money.

3. Stack Up The Pillows

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To be honest, you can never have too many pillows, even if they do end up on the ground most of the time.  The great thing about these is that you can build your own super comfy headrest without having to spend an absolute fortune! Then once you’re done with them and ready to sprawl across your entire bed, simply throw them off until the morning.

4. Get a Nice Lamp or Fairy Lights

When you’re in bed trying to unwind with a good book or your favorite magazine, having the full beam of your bedroom light isn’t exactly going to get you feeling cozy and super sleepy. Hanging fairy lights around your bed is one way to give yourself enough light to read but not too much that you can’t get into the mood to sleep.


lana simanovicki said...

This is a good article .I try my bestto have my bed comfy as possible

Kristin C said...

My husband and I splurged on a Tempurpedic and it was worth every penny.