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10 Temporary Decor Ideas for Rental Houses

This article contains affiliate links to some of my favorite stores.

You found the perfect rental home for your family with enough bedrooms, bathrooms and living space, but there's just one problem.  It doesn't reflect your personal style - not even one bit.

Rental homes can be a little tricky to decorate.  You probably won't be able to change the flooring, wall colors or appliances and you may not be allowed to put a bunch of holes in the walls.  So how are you supposed to decorate and put your touch on this home if you can't change anything?

Here are 10 temporary decor updates that can change the look of your rental home right now:

1.  Chandeliers and lamps

Updating the lighting in your rental home may not be a cheap option, but it can definitely be temporary and will add so much flare to a boring room.  Swap out the old flush mount ceiling lights in every room and replace them with chandeliers or celling fans that reflect your personal style.  Can't afford to do the entire house?  Try focusing on the rooms that your guests will see the most - like the kitchen/dining area, entry way and living room.

You can easily remove your lighting and install it in another home should you decide to move.  Be sure to keep the original light fixtures to replace them before you move out, though.

Not handy with electrical work?  Try replacing glass shades on ceiling fans, chandeliers or bathroom light fixtures.

Product Suggestion: Moda Chandelier - 15 Globe by France and Son (affiliate)

Looking for more light in a dim room?  Try adding floor lamps!

Product Suggestion: Elbow Floor Lamp by Lumigado (affiliate)


2.  Wall decals

By adding cute wall decals to bathrooms or kids rooms, you can change the entire look of the room.  Check out how I added gold dot decals to my small bathroom.

I also have great examples of wall decals below:



3.  Removable temporary wallpaper

If an accent wall is what you're after, removable wallpaper might be the perfect solution for you.  Apartment Therapy has listed out some great sources for removable wallpaper.

Product Suggestion: Chasing Paper Stripes Removable Wallpaper (affiliate)

You also might like: Tempaper at France & Son (affiliate)


4.  Appliance decals

If your rental home is full of outdated, ugly appliances, try temporarily updating them with magnetic appliance decals.  You can go with more of a modern look or go as crazy as you'd like with colors and themes.

Product Suggestion: Stainless Steel Dishwasher Skin Cover by Fridge Fronts


5.  Custom artwork

One of the best ways to put a personal touch on your home decor is with custom artwork.  I love to add canvas prints around my mantle, in my office and in my girls' rooms.  Since we travel a lot, I like to print some of my favorite shots from each trip to display throughout the house.  Canvas prints aren't as expensive as some other artwork, so you can swap out your prints each year (or monthly like I do).

Product Suggestion:  Canvas Prints by Mixbook (affiliate) 

Mixbook allows you to upload a photo, arrange it on a virtual canvas, adjust the size, add framing and more for a fraction of the price of other canvas retailers.

Temporary artwork hanging solution - 3M Sticky Hooks


6.  Plants

You don't have to have a green thumb to add greenery to your home.  There are so many realistic-looking fake plants that will make any home feel more comfortable.  I'm a little obsessed with fiddle-leaf fig trees right now.

Product Suggestion:  Fiddle-Leaf Fig trees right now (France & Son affiliate).


7.  Home Decor and Accessories

Adding cute accessories is a great way to add warmth, style and value to each room.  You can find chic home decor that fits every budget at stores like Target, Anthropologie or SassySteals.com (affiliate).

Product Suggestion:  Mason Jar Bath Set from SassySteals

Tip: Create custom photobooks to add to your coffee table!

Product Suggestion:  Custom Photobooks by Mixbook

Some Faves from Anthropologie:


8.  Shower curtains

Since shower curtain rods are spring loaded and temporary, shower curtains are perfect for adding your personal touch to an otherwise boring rental bathroom.

Product Suggestion: Intelligent Design Raina Microfiber Shower Curtain at JcPenney (affiliate)


9.  Vinyl Floorcloths

Rugs are an obvious way to update your home decor, but I'm loving the trend of adding vinyl floorclothes or mats to your hard floors.  They lay flat and are paper thin so you won't have to worry about tripping over them.  They are strictly designed to add a pop of color to your floor.

Product Suggestion:  Spicher & Company Pattern 20 Stargazer with Border (affiliate)


10.  Cabinet hardware

This is a very simple, but tedious task that can dramatically change the look of a dated kitchen.  If the cupboard color is one that you can work with, try swapping out the hardware to something that better suits your style.  Don't forget to keep the old hardware to replace it when you move out.

Lining old cupboard shelves will instantly give you a clean slate and a modern look.

I hope some of these tips will inspire you to update your rental home.  Whether your rental situation is temporary or semi-permanent, you can always make it your own and a more enjoyable space to be in.

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