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Adulting at Home: How to Make Your Home More Grownup

When you first leave home, you often share your first home with other people. You might not have complete control over the decorating, but perhaps you make an effort in your bedroom. When you're even more independent and get to live alone or with a roommate or spouse, you have more control.

Some people immediately take to being a grownup in their own home, but it doesn't happen that way for everyone. Some of us realize that our homes are far from adult - especially if you favor your kids in the decorating process. If you think it's time for your living space to have a smart couch, clean rugs, and maybe even framed art on the walls, have a look at how to achieve a more grownup home.

Get Matching Dinnerware

Are your plates and bowls a mismatch of different items you've picked up in the last few years? When you leave home, you start off with just a couple of things for yourself and slowly collect bits and pieces. But if you want an adult home that can host dinner parties, you need to get a set of matching dinnerware. Buy new bowls, plates, glasses and cutlery so you can feed a group of people using matching items. Keep the older ones just in case - you never know when you might have unexpected extra guests or a pile of dishes you've been too lazy to wash for the last week.

Frame Your Art

When you're younger, pretty much all the art you hang consists of posters, notecards and random cuttings from magazines. But as an adult, there's an unwritten rule that you have to frame any art you want to put on the walls. There are good reasons for this, including that it makes your art look better and helps to save the walls. So banish Blu Tack from your home and get some framed prints instead. There are so many different types of art and styles of frame that you could buy.

Put in Some Plants

You're an adult now, and you're capable of being responsible for another living thing. Perhaps you're not ready for a child yet, or even a cat, but just about anyone can keep a houseplant alive. If you're still not sure about looking after plants, get something hardy that doesn't need much attention. Cacti can survive without much watering, so they're a great choice. Plants bring greenery and life to your home to help it look fresh and bright.

Get Some Proper Storage

Are your books balanced in piles in the corners of your rooms? Your shoes piled by the front door, from when you last took them off? Organizing your home with proper storage is the mark of a proper grownup. There are all kinds of storage systems you can use, from bookcases to shoe racks. Think carefully about what you need to store in each room to select the best options. Consider how much space you have too.

You might feel that you'll never be quite as grownup as you pretend to be, but at least you can put up a front at home.

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