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The Genius Benefits Of Organizing and Spring Cleaning In Winter

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As you certainly know, organization is key in every aspect of your life, from keeping your finances under control to keeping ahead of your workload at the office. Naturally, where organization matters even more is when it comes down to keep your household clean, decluttered and well structured. Organizing your home life is important to make the most of the space available in your house and to keep things working throughout the year. But you could go one step further still and start your full house spring cleaning in January! There are, indeed, four good reasons why you should do your spring cleaning in winter.

#1. New Year, New House

There is more to spring cleaning than a once-in-a-year cleaning program. In the end, your house will need more than a seasonal clean to stay fresh and organized. This calls for properly established cleaning routines. In short, it’s time to start new cleaning habits, and what best moment to train yourself to better habits than the beginning of a new year when you are still full of motivation and willpower? Now is the best time to tackle the big cleaning and organization problems that you might have, and why not, start the January Cure that has helped many homeowners last year to take new habits and embrace brand new cleaning rituals for a clear mind in a clear house.

#2. Time To Get Things Ready

Winter is the season of the year during which you will spend more time at home than outside. With good reasons too, as it is generally cold and gray outside! So it’s the perfect moment to make note of what needs to be done in the house. Besides, what else would you be spending your time with anyway? Of course, there’s still that cup of hot chocolate and the TV, but you could also try to use the spare time at home for something purposeful. This is the best time to prepare your cupboards and wardrobes for the change of seasons: Indeed, it is not uncommon for people to have a wardrobe for cold months and one for the warmer months. Just like you will change clothes with the temperatures, you should also have specific bedding gears for the warmer months that you could start organizing now. For example, you will need a lighter bed duvet in spring - if you are not sure about duvets and duvet covers, you could read about it here. So, winter is the perfect moment to wash your spring gear: That means your clothes, your bright tablecloths, and your spring bed sheets and duvet.

#3. It Disinfects The House

Everyone gets sick in winter: It’s the season of the runny nose, the cold and the cough! A deep cleaning session will help you fight the bacteria and viruses of common winter illnesses effectively and permanently. Improving the quality of the air inside your house is the best way to keep diseases at bay!

#4. Everything Is Ready For Spring Cleaning

Who likes to do their spring cleaning where the sun is out outside and the grass is green? If you start now, you can be sure that there will not be much to do when the warm season arrives. You will have developed a handy cleaning routine by then and your spring cleaning will be no more than a couple of hours to get the house ready.


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