Use These Hair Care Secrets, ‘Because You’re Worth It’

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Did you ever watch those Loreal ads and think, “I use that shampoo and my hair doesn’t look like that?” That’s because lush, glorious hair takes more than just a popular brand of soap. If you really want your hair to be lush, thick and shiny you need to know these hair care secrets. We’ve got all the answers you want.

Shiny Hair?

If you want shiny hair you need to try the tea bag trick. Boil a kettle and pop some tea bags in the boiling water. Wait for it to cool a little and then soak your hair for a good five minutes. Once you have soaked all your hair take it out and dry. You will the see a notable added shine to your locks. Just be careful how many times you do this because the heat can damage your hair.


Add A Little Luxury

Do the rich and the famous have better hair? They might do and it could be because rather than sleeping on cotton they rest their head on silk. The silk keeps hair soft and beautiful, perfect for that model look. If you don’t believe this give it a try next time you take a snooze. You won’t be disappointed with your look when you awaken.


No Need For A Daily Wash

You might think that to get stunning hair you need to wash and care for it everyday. On the contrary by doing this you can wash out some of the natural oils that make your hair strong and thick. Instead, you should be thinking about washing once every two or three days. At first your hair will look greasy but if you can endure, you’ll be amazed by the effect. You can find out more about oils that affect your hair in the following infographic.

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  1. Great read! Olive oil has always been one of my most-used condiments/ingredients. It isn’t only considered a staple commodity but a taste enhancer as well as a very good beauty ally. Thanks for sharing!

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