Health Checks You Should Never Avoid

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Staying healthy is something that should be at the top of our priority list. Unfortunately, life can often get in the way. Sure, we all strive to live a healthy lifestyle and set a good example for the kids. But it’s often difficult to maintain our health when we’re too busy to keep up with those pesky healthy check appointments.

Once a year, you might be invited to your doctor’s office for a quick checkup. This is especially important if you have any long-term conditions that require a regular prescription for medicines. If you miss these appointments, the doctor may choose to withdraw his or her services. With no doctor, you will find it difficult to continue getting prescriptions, and you may struggle to find help when you need it most.

When it comes to the kids, there will be a few appointments that they must attend too. Vaccinations and other preventative medicines are an essential part of their health checks. Some checks confirm that your child’s height and weight are on track and that their physical development is progressing well. Missing these checks can miss any problems that may be occurring.
Your local dental clinic also expects to see each member of your family every six months. Oral health is essential to your general health. Problems with the teeth and gums can also sometimes be indicative of other serious problems within the body. If any of you are phobic of the dentist, it’s really important you find one that can help you overcome your fear. It’s not just your smile that is at stake!

The women’s clinic is another appointment you really shouldn’t miss, despite it being one of our least favorites! Any problems with our female ‘parts’ are very difficult for us to identify or even be aware of. Sadly, thousands of women die each year from cancer and other illnesses that can be detected early through these appointments. As unpleasant as it may be for you, it’s essential you make the time to keep that appointment.

Our eyes are thought to be the windows to our souls. They are also the first place a health professional might find signs of a serious illness. If you are due your next eye test, make sure you attend. As well as serious health conditions, your eye specialist can check your vision is adequate for driving safely. Something as simple as a headache could be a sign your eyesight has altered. Get it checked.

Some employers provide health checks at your place of work. Missing these could be a breach of your employment contract. Your employer may choose to issue disciplinary action or even suspend you from work. If you’re worried about a workplace health check, speak to your union representative or personal lawyer. And if you’re worried about your health, give your employer a chance to help you!
Health checks can be unpleasant and even invasive. But they can also detect problems early enough for them to be treated. So go ahead and make that appointment today.

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