Hidden Plumbing Problems

plumbing leak
None of us like to think about our home drowning in a water leak. We dread having to call the plumber and pay the costs that come with it. Not to mention that problems with the plumbing can leave us without hot water, or a way to wash! It’s never a pleasant experience. But, some of the challenges caused by plumbing palavas are less obvious. Though you may not think about them, they are just as much a part of the nightmare. Not to mention that you may be paying for these mistakes long after your plumber has packed up and gone home. Sorry to rain on your parade, but here are a few of the unexpected ways plumbing can leak into your life.


This one may seem obvious, but few of us realize the extent a plumbing problem can damage home appearance. Of course, it all depends on your problem. In extreme cases, burst pipes can cause water build up in your ceiling. Pressure builds and builds until BAM; your whole ceiling falls through. Not only will you have to deal with the floor of the room in question, but also with the damage done to the room below. One thing’s sure; water build up big enough to collapse a ceiling is going to cause a fair bit of harm below.


As though dealing with a plumbing problem wasn’t enough; you may also have to call on an emergency electrician after your leak. With a bit of luck, the water won’t be anywhere near your wires. If it is, the results could be catastrophic. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t even attempt to fix things if this is the case. Water and electricity are an obvious no go. If you do start having electrical problems, though, you can guarantee your leak is to blame. Don’t hesitate to call someone the moment you notice. Leaving a problem like this could lead to even further damage and expense. Not to mention that it increases your risk of fire at home. Best case scenario, the water causes a shortage. But, in the worst situation, it could cause sparks which could catch if you aren’t careful!


It may seem extreme, but it’s worth mentioning. Whether your leak itself poses a health threat depends on where the leak originates. Most of the time, the leak will be from a clean water source. If that’s the case, you have no cause for worry. But, if you’re dealing with a sewage leak, things could get nasty. Of course, there’s the smell to contend with. But, sewage also contains a multitude of bacteria that will get its teeth into you if you aren’t careful. You’ll be able to tell straight away whether there’s something sinister lurking in your leak. If that’s the case, stay away as much as you can and keep the leak contained. Once the problem has been dealt with, be sure to get on some rubber gloves and clean well!

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