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We all know that mornings can be a bit of a mixed bag no matter the day.  One would assume that you at least get a break on the weekends though, right?  Sadly, not on my watch.  On Saturdays for example, my four year old is up early running a muck in the kitchen concocting me a wonderful mystery breakfast.  She kindly serves me in bed, and I do my best to peel back the eye lids.  I am surprised with salsa and syrup over burnt toast, but as a mom, I am obligated to at least one bite.  Just that one bite though, is quite the labor of love.  She looks at me feeling so proud and accomplished, while I sit there silently pondering my exit strategy.  I know that if I can just make it to the pantry, I can down some of those Little Debbie Blueberry Mini Muffins on the fly.

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Little Debbie as part of their Moms of 7am campaign.  As always, all opinions are our own.

little debbie mini muffins

The weekday mornings are just as chaotic as you would expect, because those same kids that were up before the sun, now oddly want to sleep till noon.  Please, why couldn’t that happen on Saturdays?!?!  I will never understand the kid who needs to be up at 6 on a Saturday morning.  Because of this odd sleep anomaly, any given morning in our house is crazed madness.  In a perfect world, I would love to have a beautiful breakfast spread, a full face of makeup on before my kid is awake, light music playing in the background and lunch made for not only my daughter, but my husband too!  Wouldn’t that be dream??!?!?

Let’s just face it, the movies set the bar unattainably high.  No one can uphold 365 days of eggs over easy with toast and fresh orange juice squeezed from the tree out back.  In the real world, someone slept through the alarm, and 1 shoe has gone missing.  Im not going to name any names, but on any given morning someone has wet the bed.  It wasn’t me or my husband…  Often I have to run back inside because I may or may not have left the curling iron on.  But I can’t lock my house, because where are the keys???  If this morning does not sound at all familiar then congratulations – you must be on a movie set somewhere in Hollywood.  🙂

mini muffins in purse

All of this to say, who realistically has time to sit down every morning?  With our morning commute, that just is not an option, but I want to make sure that we don’t skip breakfast altogether.  When it comes to breakfast and a tight schedule, we are an eat-on-the-go family.  There are no dishes involved, which is awesome on every level and instead of table talk, we get intense car jam sessions.  Our mornings have never been traditional and most times rushed, however, as a family, we make the most of our time together and those yummy Little Debbie’s Mini Muffins help alleviate some of that morning fiasco.

When it comes down to it, our children will cherish the good times.  For us, that is Little Debbie Mini Muffins and jamming to Taylor Swift all the way to school.  Let the good times roll!

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