Go Go Gadget House: Gizmos That Are Worth The Money

I don’t know about you, but the idea that my home could be easier to maintain and keep clean is really one that appeals to me. That is why it’s worth looking at all the shiny gadgets on the market that claim to make this possible. But are they telling the truth, and are their products really worth parting with you earned money for? Read on to find out.

Go Go Gadget House: Gizmos That Are Worth The Money

Automatic Plant Feeder

Do all your plants die? Do you try to love and tend to them, but they end up dead anyway, pretty much as soon as they enter you home? Then you may want to consider a smart plant feeder.  Simple to operate they come in different forms. One is like a full plant pot system that has automatic watering built in. Or why not try individual units that can be connected in a chain, for multiple plant pots?

A smart feeder’s value is that it will take away the daily watering chores, as well as ensure that all of your plants stay healthy and happy when you are away. Obviously, they are not really worth the money if you only have a half dead, spider plant that getting dusty in the corner. But if you plants are your pride and joy, and you have a busy schedule this gadget can really help lighten the load by removing one more thing off of your to-do list.


Smart Lights

Smart lights are the way forward,’ you say. ‘Everyone’s getting them,’ you say. But are they actually worth the quite considerable price for the bulbs and the hub that you actually have to pay to get them?

Well, first of all, if your internet connection is patchy, or even nonexistent at times just don’t bother. All of the functionality in these lights apart from basic off and on is reliant on being able to access them via the app. If you can do this, there will be no dimmers, no colors, or any of the other cool effects that you can get. However, if the internet runs into your home without a glitch, then they are probably a good investment. The bulbs are low energy and should last for a very long time. Probably around seven years plus. Also, it’s likely that this is the way that light trends are going, and it gives you more control of the tone and mood you can set in each area of your home.  Just be aware that it’s not the cheapest thing to kit out an entire home with these bulbs. So you may want to start with a few and build up to full home coverage from there.


Robot Vacuum

What would you do with the all the time you saved on vacuuming if you had something that would do it for you? Probably spend it doing something more fun, I bet. But if you don’t know the answer to this question, then you need to think about it quick, as this is precisely the service that the robotic vacuum provides. Yes, that right! You can now have a little gizmo that automatically zooms around your house and vacuums as it goes. But what about stairs and corners? No problem! As it’s equipped with sensors that will redirect the robot’s course when it comes to an obstacle. However, there are a lot of robot vacuums on the market though so it can be a little confusing as to which one to buy. To help you compare things like suction power and battery life online, and read posts like this review of the Roomba 960 vs the 980 to get a better idea of what will be suitable for your needs.  

You can even get robots mops too. So not only can you have your floor vacuum but also mopped clean. Now that sound like a gadget match made in heaven!


Security Camera

One of the best uses for gadgets in our homes is for the purpose of safety. Whether to enable us to see who is at the door before we answer it. Or to keep an eye on our property while we are away.  To that end, many people purchase smart security cameras which link to their computers. So they can monitor their homes from there.  There are hundreds if not thousand so these on the market though, so picking the right one at the right price can be a bit of nightmare.

In general, look for one that offers both day and night vision, and that has a high resolution which ensures that the picture is clearer. As well as checking to see whether is suitable to be sued outdoors as well as in, if needed.  Whether they are worth the money or not really depend on how much you spend on your system, and how much your peace of mind means to you.


Smart Sprinkler

OK, so it’s not strictly on the inside of the house, but the garden counts right? Good, and what do you need most in the garden? Well, it’s an automatic smart sprinkler system of course!  These are available from several different retailers, and the thing that makes them stand apart from normal sprinkler systems is that you can control from your computer or a smartphone over the WiFi. Although it would be better if connected via 3G. As then you could use it when you were away on holiday and still have perfectly watered plants.

What they are really good for is being economical with the water that is used. The do this by both predicting the weather forecast for the day, and also having the ability to zone off different areas. Which is particularly useful if you have some flowers like these. As it means you can manage the flowers that need a lot of water, without wasting the same amount of the entire garden.

So in summary, they are great for water economy and for demanding gardens. Are the worth the money? Probably not is you have a sprinkler system already in place. But if you are starting from zero then they are a probably a good investment in the future.


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