Will You Stand The Test Of Time?

Aging is just a fact of life…or is it? Some people just don’t seem to age as others do and Tom Cruise would be a prime example of this. Cruise may be over fifty, but the guy could easily pass for thirty, and that’s why he had no problem playing the love interest of a thirty-year-old in The Mummy. Or, you can look at Christie Brinkley, former swimsuit model. At over sixty, many people claim that she could quite easily pass for thirty-five. As such, it is seems the rules of aging aren’t the same for everyone but are there secrets at play here?

One could suggest that for Cruise it’s all about movie magic and special effects. Don’t forget that when Connery was playing Bond, he had already lost a lot of his hair. As for Brinkley, could it be a little help from science that has aided her in keeping her youthful looks? It’s quite possible, but you have to remember that Cruise still looks young off the set of his movies. Brinkley herself has admitted that she puts a lot of work and not a small amount of chemicals into her body to look good. But aside from Hollywood tricks and plastic surgery, are there other ways you can stay looking young and stand the test of time?


You Are What You Eat

Eat Healthy Fruit

You’ve probably heard that expression before, and it’s one worth considering if you want to keep your youthful looks. Research shows that by eating organic foods, avoiding processed meats or even meat, in general, could be the tricks to stay looking young and vibrant. There are plenty of foods that do alter our physical appearance considerably. For instance, if you eat too many sugary snacks, you might find that your skin isn’t quite as clear as it used to be. Instead, you could be left with greasy, oily skin and you might even break out in spots. But what about the signs of age? Can food prevent them?

Well, if you’re worried that the bags under your eyes are starting to look deeper, you might want to try adding some celery to your diet. This actually soaks up the excess moisture underneath the eyes that typically causes these bags, and it’s not the only food trick you can try. How about eating foods high in antioxidants such as broccoli. These greens are great for your body, fighting off the signs of age and illness. Of course, the food you eat and the drinks you consume can affect your appearance in another way.


Bright And White Or Yellow And Mellow?

You definitely want to do everything you can to keep your teeth looking light, bright and white. This could actually be one of the secrets to how Cruise always looks so young. He definitely has the bright and beautiful Hollywood smile. Most people are unaware that as you get older, your teeth actually yellow naturally, but you can still prevent this. With the best teeth whitening kit on the market, you can keep that healthy, white, bright smile and dodge your teeth looking dull and dreary. Don’t forget, if you want to look young, your teeth should be straight too.

If you have an issue with slightly crooked teeth, you might want to try six-month smile therapy. This does work a treat and will get your slightly crooked teeth straightened with minimum fuss.


Suns Out, Lotion On

You do want to be careful about how often you head out in the sun for a good bathe to catch that perfect tan. You might love the way your skin looks when it’s brown, but sunlight can damage skin cells causing them to age more rapidly. It can even lead to wrinkles developing on the skin more quickly. As such, you certainly want to make sure you’re putting on some protection. Indeed, some experts even suggest you use sunscreen on cloudy days. You don’t need to say the sun for it to damage your skin.


Fit As A Fiddle

Lastly, make sure that you are keeping up your exercise routine. Again, research shows that exercises keep you young and it can even reverse the signs of aging on cells in the body. As such, this is definitely worth committing to, although you do want to complete the right forms of exercise. It doesn’t need to be that strenuous and lighter exercise might actually work better for you. It will be less grueling on the body and still tone up those muscles giving you a more youthful shape.


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