Top Trekking Destinations around the World

These top trekking destinations you’re about to read about, are no walks in the park. These destinations will engage you mentally, challenge you physically and, at the end, leave you with the memorable impression of our planet’s richness.

Top Trekking Destinations

Nepal’s Everest Base Camp

Everest is more than a mountain! And the expedition to its Base Camp is more than just a simple trek! This is a route where you’ll have a feeling you’re only one step from the heaven and every angle of this trekking trail is another photo opportunity, from Sherpa villages and beautiful forests to foothills and glacial moraines. If you ever wanted to open a window to the top of the world – Himalaya, the Everest Base Camp trail will bring you closer to your dream trek adventure. When you set your eyes on Everest, believe us, you’ll never look at our planet Earth the same way again.

Before you pack your backpack for essential items such as hiking knife, the additional pair of clothing set, best walkie talkie, flashlight, etc. you should know that most yaks you’ll see on the trail are not real yaks, they are a dzo-a yak-cattle hybrid. Additionally, “yak burgers” most guesthouses that can be found along the way have on their menu are not made of yak meat, but most likely from water buffalo. Yaks are way too valuable for the locals to slaughter them just to eat/serve their meat.
Best time to head to Everest Base Camp is from August to November. Conquer glaciers and high passes, meet locals at Sherpa villages during your stay before you arrive at Everest Base Camp.


Colombia’s Lost City

It’s the place where everyone wants to “get there first”. If you decide that trekking Colombia’s Lost City – Ciudad Perdida at Teyuna is something you need to do that honor of “getting there first” can finally be yours. It’s a place where you’ll sleep in local villages you’ll run into along the way, absorb the region’s rare culture and the hammock will be your place to sleep. What is great about this place is that you’ll have to trek through lush and opulent jungles, not to mention, walk through streams before you even arrive at the Teyuna ruins. It’s a place where you’ll have a unique chance to explore and research the uncrowded ruins and enjoy in wondering at what this place once was. If you get there first you’ll have the Colombia’s Lost City all to yourself.

This place was built by Tairona civilization which existed 650 years before Machu Picchu and  Ciudad Perdida hosts approximately ten thousand people during its peak season. The trekking trail is 44 kilometers long and you’ll spend minimum 5 days of trekking this magic place. Best time to visit this place is from December to March.

Enjoy majestic jungle scenery, get inspired by the landscape, swim in the Buritaca River and go on a 1200 steps trip to the Lost City.


Peru’s Inca Trail

Follow the footprints and paths of the Inca to the Addis roof. Pass ancient ruins of Tambo and breath pure Per’s mountain air with full lungs. Create memorable moments through the Inca Trail that no one can compare. Catch the first glimpse of Machu Picchu while walking through the Sun Gate and enjoy the incredible landscape of the forgotten city.

It’s a 43 kilometers long trail where some people can be seen sleeping with mirrors beneath them as the legend says that if you sleep on the mirror it will avert spirits coming up through the earth. So, as you can see this will be a transformative moment and not just an accomplishment.

Best time to go on a trip is from May to September.

Explore and trek through the Sacred Valley to ruins of Machu Picchu and learn all about the traditional life of the Incas.

Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro

Have you ever stood on the top of the building and thought that it’s not that tall as you expected it would be? If your answer is “yes”, then you’re definitely Kili material. Mt Kilimanjaro, at 19,940 ft (5,895 m) is the highest peak in Africa. Here, you can follow the “bootprints” of some of the most popular mountaineers and explorers by trekking through alpine deserts and lush rainforests, across glaciers and sleep closer to the stars than you have ever thought is possible.

It’s no picnic, don’t overestimate it, but comparing to other massive peaks, this one’s pretty easy to climb by providing a daring adventure of a lifetime. If you decide you’re ready to conquer Kilimanjaro, be 100% sure as the entire summit’s success depends on whether you’ll make it or not.

Kilimanjaro has almost every ecosystem that can be found on earth, from snowfields and glaciers to alpine moorlands, deserts, tropical jungle and savannah, all located on the mountain. The best time to go trekking on Kilimanjaro is from September to March.

It is a 34 kilometers trekking adventure where you’ll never forget the variety of landscape of silent glaciers and verdant forests before seeing the horizon of the highest peak in Africa.


Trekking Mount Roraima in Venezuela

Take a trip into a place that is outside the time and make it to the magnificent Roraima summit. Mount Roraima in Venezuela is a stunning mountain that the region’s people consider holy, and it was said that the mountain inspired the “The Lost World” of Arthur Conan Doyle. Here, you’ll get familiar with the amazing flora and fauna of one completely unique mountain. With 34 kilometers of a route, trekking takes for about a week from start to finish, but can be turned into a real 14-day adventure, which includes a breathtaking Angel Falls trek,  and canoe trips in National Park Canaima. Trekking trip on this mountain will surely open new horizons for you and provide one of a lifetime experience.

In spite of the abrupt cliffs, this mountain was the first major mountain that people climbed on. The botanist, explorer, and author Sir Everard Tim Thurn, trek all the way through a forested ramp in December 1884 to the very peak of the mountain. His route is the same route trekkers use today.

The best time to go is between November and April, although the mountain can be hiked all year round. Come to Venezuela and conquer the Roraima summit, witness the power of Angel Falls, explore Canaima National Park and discover a whole new world of mountains.


Europe’s Mont Blanc

The popular Europe’s Tour du Mont Blanc covers 125 kilometers of the path and goes through three countries – France, Italy and Switzerland. It’s one of the challenging trekking routes that will reward you with its mesmerizing landscape of steep valleys and glaciers. What is great about this route is that you can travel through Alpine meadows and across high passes where you can stay to recharge and enjoy a delicious traditional cuisine. If you’re a true trekking enthusiast, this route should definitely be highest on top of your bucket list. Challenge yourself to conquer one of the world’s longest trekking routes and discover the alpine heart of Europe.

An interesting fact is that Swiss climber Pierre Andre Gobert in 1990 climbed this mountain from Chamonix in just 5 hrs, 10 mins and 14 secs. Can you beat his time and witness rocky peaks and alpine meadows of Mont Blanc massif?

Best time to go on this route is from June to September.


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