Why You Need The Android Parental Control App


Online activities for minors have become a widespread concern among parents. According to data, more than 86% of young kids have a personal mobile phone at age 13.  Studies show that children are becoming more precocious in using technology.

Even those under 10 now have regular access to their parents’ devices to use games and videos. Protecting the mobile phone and blocking the access and downloading of certain applications – for example, those of payment – is imposed as a security measure.


Android Parental Control App – The Prevention!

One smart tool being heavily used by the majority of parents is the Android parental control app that enables parents to manage what applications their kids can use and which not. There are many options available in the market that offer this functionality, but FamilyTime is the extraordinary one. With the FamilyTime – Android parental control app, you can:

  • At first have a look at the apps installed on the device of their kids
  • Check all apps related details such as the date of installation, the version of the app being used, updates installed and much more
  • Analyse the app usage frequency to see how much time do their kids spend on each app on a daily basis to know their app preferences
  • Block unwanted and inappropriate apps on their devices for as long as they want
  • Schedule auto screen locks on kid’s devices to restrict device use in the late hours
  • Remotely put a lock their device anytime and from anywhere

And this is not all. There is a lot more that parents can do with the app such as contact monitoring, SMS tracking, call log monitoring, Contact Watchlisting, Web history monitoring, Location tracking, Geo-fencing place, Alerts and much more. There as a parent, you may find a variety of valuable features once you download FamilyTime app. You can download the app from Google play store and iTunes.

In addition to using the app, parents are also required to talk to their kids about the appropriate use of the device. They can set up a table talk with them to discuss what is good for them to use and what’s not. Discussing everything before using the app proves to be beneficial not only for the kids but parents too!

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