Making Sure Your Child Is Ready For Preschool

Before your child goes to preschool for the first time, you will need to get them ready beforehand and spend time preparing them for the next steps of their lives. You can read an excellent article on the subject on various resources online that will give you an insight into what needs to be done. From the first moment that they arrive, your child is on a constant learning cycle taking in and absorbing all of their surroundings, so you should start the learning process as early as you can.


Start With The Basics

Before you use Google to find a Guardian Preschool near you, you will first need to make sure that your child is ready for this transition in their lives. Teaching the basics from an early age will give your child the assistance that they need to develop and grow as a person. You can start with colors and shapes, as well as animals. An excellent way to help to develop your child is to use flash cards which can have lots of different shapes and colors on them, as well as different animals. These cards can help your child to get their brains in a state where they are keen and hungry to learn and repeat.


Learning Their ABC’s

You will also want to teach the alphabet to your child so that they can recognize both upper and lower case characters. Just as with the shapes and colors, you can also get flash cards which have all of the letters on, as well as pictures of objects and animals that start with that letter. Not only are these an excellent way to teach the letters of the alphabet, but it also starts to get them used to seeing words and start to recognize smaller ones. As well as learning how to identify the letters, you will also want to teach the different sounds that are in the English language. You can purchase a book on phonics or find plenty of useful information online such as videos and images.

Preschool Prep

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

You will also need to teach your child numbers, and again these can be done in lots of ways. You will first need to start off with teaching them to recognize and say each number before you start teaching them to count. Some children take longer than others, so do not expect your second child to develop in the same way as your first. When you have taught them the basics, they will be moving on to addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication before you know it!


Teach Them How To Socialize

As well as teaching your child academic skills, you will also need to help them develop the social skills that they will need to get on when they attend preschool for the first time. You will also need to teach manners to them, so they know when to say please and thank you. Understanding basic instructions, such as stand up and sit down, are also going to help your child integrate into their new surroundings. So before you send your child to preschool, spend your time teaching them the basics, and you will give them the start that they need in their lives.

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