5 Simple Hacks For Traveling On a Budget

A lot of people tend to ignore traveling because of the costs associated with it. However, if you plan wisely and well ahead of time, you can always explore the beauty and culture of various countries while staying at a budget.

Here are some useful tips that will help you see the world without breaking the bank:

Tips to Travel on a Budget

1. Find Cheap Accommodations

If you really plan on exploring your travel destination in its truest sense, you don’t want to stay in a 5 star hotel (or any hotel for that matter). This is because hotels around the world offer services similar to one another, in one way or the other.

Living in hostels, guest houses, vacation villas, on the other hand, lets you experience local culture at its best. Since you’ll be out all day exploring tourist spots, you don’t want to spend your fortune on the accommodation only. Living in hostels, apartments and the likes will save you money and let you experience more.


2. Rent Out your Home

One tip that a lot of travel experts miss out on is how to make money while you travel. Sure, there will be many ways to cut costs while travelling, but why not make the most of your resources while you can?

One way to make money while you travel is to rent your house, or a portion of it. Pack away all your belongings and store them in a rental storage unit. You can easily find storage units in Chicago, Dallas, Houston and almost all major cities. This way you don’t need to worry about making a few impulsive purchases since your trip would be funded.


3. Never Miss out on Free Attractions

What many travelers take for-granted are the free tourist attractions and tours travel destinations have to offer. Countries with established tourism, or those in the developing phase offer free tourist attractions for outsiders.

These involve bus tours to historical places, landmarks, university visits, factory visits, national parks, museums and cultural centers. Not only do they save you loads, but are a great learning source too.

There are always a bunch of these places which you can find on doing some research. Don’t forget to include these places in your to-do lists.


4. Book Ahead of Time

Early bird gets the worm! So make sure you get the best of the deals by planning your trip well ahead of time. This not only helps you get your leave approved before time, but also lets you grab great deals on everything!

From accommodation to recreational activities, find the best deals by using apps like Air BnB, Couch Surfing, etc. Although last minute deals work for some, they’re always a risk (one you don’t want to take when you’re trying to stay in a budget).

Its always wise to plan everything before time so that you’re well aware of exactly how much you’ll be spending.


5. Say no to Travel Agents

Traveling abroad without consulting a travel agent might have been impossible a few years ago, but the recent development of social media and internet has brought about a change in traveling trends. Why pay travel agents twice the money for what you can find easily for yourself through travel apps and various groups on social networking websites?

This is one huge money saving tip that travelers across the globe agree to. Though you might not get a package similar to that of a travel agency, you can always make your own by finding the best deals for accommodation, flights and other tourist activities.


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