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10 Wedding Trends We're Loving Right Now

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Wedding trends change all the time. In the last few decades, a typical wedding has changed a lot. For one thing, they're now a lot more expensive. That's partly due to rising prices and partly due to our expectations. What we call a "DIY wedding" today would have been par for the course not too long ago! I enjoy seeing how weddings evolve every year, and I love some of this year's trends.

Tips for Avoiding the Infamous "Back-to-School Illness"

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I had no idea that sending my daughter to her first week of Kindergarten meant the plague was going to hit our house.

I prepped and planned and did everything I thought I had to for back-to-school time.  Pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, nap towel, backpack, lunch box.  Check, check and check!  But what I was not prepared for was the nasty bug that hit our house.  After two weeks of runny noses, nasty coughs, ear aches and fevers, I'm so over it.  I was thinking a cold would hit us around the Fall/Winter time when the weather starts to cool down.  I was absolutely not prepared for the "back-to-school plague."

I think the key is not to freak kids out about germs, though.  I think we just need to teach them to be proactive in avoiding illnesses.  Based on my personal experience and a little research, I've put together a short list of five tips for helping to avoid the spread of illness this school year.

Need That Appliance But Can't Afford It? You May Have Options!

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As a society, we have become more and more dependent on technology. This sentence on its own can be enough to trigger a rant about the way that this generation has gone soft and lost coping skills. However, it's a lot more complicated than that. Due to the fact that we have that technology, the world has developed in a certain way. This has taken us to a point where if you don't have it, you're at a big disadvantage.

Dorel Juvenile Recalls Safety 1st Strollers Due to Fall Hazard

Recall Date: August 24, 2016
Recall Number: 16-249                                                     

Recall Summary

Name of Product: Safety 1st Step and Go Travel Systems

Hazard: The stroller tray folding mechanism can partially disengage on one side when used with an infant car seat attached to the stroller, posing a fall hazard.

Millennials Love Simplicity, Control and Incentives - And Chime Gets It

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Would you consider changing the way you managed your money based on an ad that popped up in your Instagram or Facebook feed sponsored by a no-name startup?  I bet you'd at least click into it.

Chime is targeting Millennials like you and me who are glued to our smartphones and are fed-up with or just don't understand the traditional banking system. They are going after individuals who want be more in control when it comes to managing our money and who want to live healthier financial lives; and they're simplifying the entire process of starting and maintaining a bank account.  The simplistic design of Chime's app, logo and website are exactly what we're into these days and it's apparent - Chime gets it.

Household Disasters (Flood, Fire, Infestation): Don't Be Scared, Be Ready

Old fashioned bath tub

Until one happens to you, a household disaster is one of those things you read about in the local paper and shiver. The thing that you hope for is, firstly, that it never does happen to you. Secondly, if it ever does, you want above all for no-one to be harmed. Disasters such as floods, fire and infestation can cause a house to be destroyed, but that's a fixable thing. Lives cannot be so easily repaired.

One of our readers recently lost all of their material belongings in a house fire.  I feel so badly for their family, but thanks to the help of great insurance they have been placed in a great home and are waiting for their new home to be built.

Although it is to be hoped that you don't need it, a plan for if something like the above happens is essential. Bear in mind that most people go through life without it happening, so don't fear that it will. Being ready for something happening is not the same as accepting it will happen. All the same, get insured and pay the premiums each month, because if the worst happens, you don't want to worry about cost.

Get Ready For Autumn/Winter: Interior Areas and Trends To Focus On

Summer is the season of being outdoors. It's when you tend to your garden, soak up the sunlight and try to forget there was ever a time when you woke up in a morning shivering with cold. As August begins to slide into September, the rush of Fall brings with it a change in lifestyle as well as a change in season.

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