Earn Extra Money from Home with Producttube

April 27, 2015

Surveys are a great avenue for earning extra money from home but you typically have to complete a ton of them to make it worth it.  They can be boring and monotonous and take for-ev-er to complete but guess what?  There's a new survey system in town and they've kicked survey-taking up a notch with their interactive video surveys.

Introducing the invitation-only survey program, ProductTube.

Producttube is the only website that allows people to get rewarded for making short videos about their everyday grocery habits.  How cool is that?

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up on www.producttube.com to receive activities sent straight to your email.
  2. Record short videos typically 2 minutes each about your everyday grocery shopping habits.
  3. Upload your videos securely to the ProductTube video cloud (not your social media accounts).
  4. Get rewards like Amazon gift cards within 2 business days.
ProductTube helps manufacturers improve their product line as well as develop new and improved products.  Your videos are used for market research purposed and are never shared for marketing or with other websites.

Video Types

In-Store Videos - You will receive an email about the category you will be focusing on.  The next time you go to the store, create a 1-2 minute video showing how you shop in that category,  Begin recording your video when you enter the aisle and stop recording when you make your purchase decision.
At-Home Videos

Receive email instructions where you will be asked to interact with and/or consume the products where you will be asked to give your reaction to them.  You will also answer all questions asked, which takes about five minutes.  The video should be watchable and audible but does not need to be edited.
I make videos all of the time for my social media accounts and for my family, as do you, I'm sure.  Can you spare a few extra minutes each day to help out market research and earn some extra bucks in the process?  I know I can!

Tip:  Do NOT upload your assignment videos to your personal social media accounts.  These videos are to be sent to ProductTube only and are used for market research.

*This article was made possible thanks to ProductTube*

NEW Bumbo Multi Seat

My 3-year old daughter has always loved sitting at the table with us for meals, even when she could barely sit on her own.  The highchair works great for allowing children to be level with you while you're eating but it's also really awkward, bulky and babyish.

The highchair that we purchased three+ years ago actually has a booster seat attached to it so we are able to pull it apart and place it on a dining chair.  While the booster seat is helpful in theory, it never worked well for my skinny-mini little girl.  The Bumbo, however, was great for her body size but wasn't supposed to be used on a chair, until now!

Introducing the Ultimate 3-Stage Seat!

Bumbo, the leading floor seat manufacturer, introduces its NEW Bumbo Multi Seat. The NEW Bumbo Multi Seat is ideal for use as soon as your baby can begin to sit unassisted, and will see your child through to the toddler stage with a seat that grows with your child. With attachment straps to easily convert from a floor seat to a booster seat, you can begin enjoying key developmental milestones from feeding to playtime.  The seat's foam pad cushions your baby and can be removed to create more room as they grow.  The removable tray attaches to the back of the Multi Seat for easy storage and transport.  A portion of the proceeds from your Bumbo product purchase will be donated to children in need. 

Age Grade: 5 months to 3 years

Product Details
·        3-in-1 Seat functions as a Floor, Booster and Feeding seat
·        Base adjusts to accommodate children at different stages
·        Includes a 3-point harness
·        Adjustable straps attach to most standard four-legged chairs
·        Soft, removable foam insert for added comfort
·        Wide stable base has full contact with floor
·        Tray stores on back of seat
·        One-handed tray attachment
·        Foam insert can be removed to create space for growing children
·        Foam seat insert and retractable straps store in base of seat

I absolute love the squishy insert on this booster seat.  Little Kendall fits so well in it and I can easily remove it if Charlotte needs to use the booster.

I absolutely love products that are "self contained."  I always talk about how great it is to have toys that store their own parts and this booster does the same.  The tray sits in the back of the booster and easily slips onto the front.

Another HUGE plus about this Bumbo booster seat is that it is so easy to clean.  There aren't many nooks or crannies for food to get stuck in.  

You can pick one up for just $44.99 in-store at Target and on Target.com.  Plus, use your Target Red Card to get an additional $

Free Credit Score and Identity Theft Protection from Credit Sesame

With the growing frequency of data breaches like Target and Apple, you shouldn't wait any longer to protect yourself especially since Credit Sesame now offers credit and identity protection services for free. - Credit Sesame

Does anyone remember that scary data breach that happened at Target recently?  Thankfully, my information was never used (that I know of) and I was able to get a new Target red card, but it got me thinking.  What if my mail got into the wrong hands?  What if my wallet was picked up by a thief?

My father-in-law's identity was actually stolen and it was so scary.  The thief stole his mail which happened to contain a letter with his social security number on it.  The thief opened credit cards in his name and it turned into a huge fiasco.  Needless to say, identity theft protection was in order for my father-in-law.

But what if he was able to stop the thief before he did his damage?

With Credit Sesame, you'll get free credit scores on a monthly basis, free credit monitoring alerts and analysis, free self service identity restoration and free identity theft insurance ($50k) so you can stop the thieves before they strike.  You also have the option of upgrading to more advanced programs with even more protection.

I love having the option to check my credit score each month and monitor my debt and finances.  It's as easy as monitoring a bank account and doesn't harm your credit.

It's important to monitor your credit as it's really the only thing that proves our trustworthiness to lenders.  Because Credit Sesame does a "soft check" of your credit score each month, your credit score will not be affected.  Visit www.creditsesame.com to sign up for a free account, today.

Thanks to Credit Sesame for making this article possible.

Simple Snacking from Element Rice and Corn Cakes

April 26, 2015

I love rice and corn cakes, but they have to have something on them, like peanut butter, cookie butter or hazelnut spread.  I've now found something even yummier with Element rice and corn cakes!  They are topped with delicious coatings of light or dark chocolate, strawberry'n'cream, or sweet vanilla orange.  (Okay, you caught me - the milk chocolate is missing because I couldn't wait to try it before getting a picture!)

Element rice cakes are not just glazed with flavor, they have a very thick coating of chocolate or other flavorings.  The dark chocolate flavor comes in both corn and rice cakes.  I love dipping these in my morning coffee!

Element rice and corn cakes are made in Italy and are gluten, GMO, preservative, cholesterol and milk hormone free.  They are also very low in sugar (only 5 grams per serving) and do not contain corn syrup.  Calorie wise, Element is only 80 calories per serving (one serving is 1 large cake or 5 mini cakes).

Check out the Element Snacks website to see where to purchase near you, or to order online.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com.   Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Never clean a grill or baking pan again!

April 25, 2015

By self admission, I'm not the world's greatest cook, and it's probably because I absolutely hate the cleanup process!  By using the Grill Mat from yumms!, you can bake or barbecue on the non-stick mat and not have to clean the grill grates or a pan!

Photo credit:  Tomoson.com

Colored hair? Protect it with Mastey Hair Care Products.

There's nothing more disappointing than paying good money to have your hair colored, and then a week or two later it looks dull and faded.  Protect your new color with the Mastey Healthy Beautiful Hair Care System.

Vindles | A Candle in a Wine Bottle

April 24, 2015

Did you catch Vindles in our 2015 Mother's Day Gift Guide?

The uniquely designed candles will have you fooled until you open the bottle!  Vindles handcrafts wine bottle candles from re-purposed wine bottles and 100% all natural soy wax. Their patent pending design allows the candle to look like a regular wine bottle when not in use. Another unique aspect of the product is the secret compartment where you would expect the cork to be! When you are ready to light your vindle you can grab a match from the compartment and strike on the conveniently placed striking strip.

We're giving you the chance to win one of these awesome candles in a wine bottle!  Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  We will choose one winner after 5/9/15.  Good luck!

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2015 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Shopping for Mom is easier than ever this year thanks to our life-inspired shopping guide!  We've also got some great giveaways list at the bottom!

1.  M. Boutique | Neroli Lotus Blossom Hand Soap
2.  Winetherapy Spa | Olive Oil Body Cream
4.  Karelèn | Mango Crazy Body Butter
5.  Body Fantasies | Signature Vanilla Body Spray
6.  Karelèn | Twirl Tamer
7.  Jessica Robertson | Bronzing Powder
8.  Bosom Buddy Bags | Crossbody Clutch

1.  Jessica Robertson | American Babe White Bronzer
2.  CeraVe | Night Cream
3.  Vindles | Vintage Sangria Candle
5.  Karelèn | Custard Styling Gel
9.  Beautiful Nutrition | Body Lotion, Body Wash, Conditioner
10.  Jessica Robertson | Lip Gloss

1.  Essenza | Hand Soaps
2.  The Summer Table | Recipe Book
3.  Jessica Robertson | Nail Polish
5.  Uplifting Nighties | Cocktail Nighty
6.  Karelèn | Body Butter
7.  M. Boutique | Bergamot Vetiver Candle
8.  Yuthica | Double Dipp Candle/Moisturizer

1.  The Seashell Collector | Keepsake Box
2.  Kushyfoot | Fleecy Leopard Flats to Go
4.  Reebok | Watch
6.  Everyday Selfie | Selfie Stick

Budget-Friendly Ways to Incorporate Organics Into Your Diet

April 21, 2015

Going "Organic"

If you ask anyone considering going "organic" their biggest concern about making the switch from non-organic foods, you'll probably hear that the price is their biggest concern.  Traditionally, organic foods have been more expensive than non-organic foods, they sometimes have a shorter shelf life and have been hard to find at popular grocery stores...until recently.

In an effort to help make organic mainstream, brands like Wild Oats have invaded Walmart stores.  Wild Oats sells their amazing organic products at your favorite Walmart prices.  I'm talking about household staple-type products like pasta, pasta sauce, spices and herbs, olive oil, etc.

By no means do I consider myself to be green, crunchy, a tree-hugger or all natural (no offense).  I typically go for the lower priced items at the grocery store, except when taste overrides the price.  I would say at least 25% of my shopping cart is considered to be organic on any given grocery run but I'm definitely working on it.  If only all brands were on board with making organic mainstream, affordable and easily available.

What is Organic?

Organic food product methods promote biodiversity, the biological cycling of nutrients, and plant and animal health.  Certified organic farmers may not use toxic synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers and unnecessary hormones or antibiotics.  Instead, they use practices that restore, maintain and enhance soil and ecosystem health.  GMO's, artificial ingredients or trans fats may NOT be used. 

Aside from the obvious nutritional benefits of going organic, I love that it's more beneficial for the earth and animals.  Organic farming helps improve water quality and the safety of drinking water which is so precious to us in California.  Also, coming from a major farm and dairy town, I know first-hand that happy cows not only come from California, but they come from organic farms in California.

The purpose of this article is not to get you to throw away all of your non-organic grocery items and make the switch to organic right now.  It's just to let you know that not only do organic farming practices make it healthier for human life, they also benefit the earth and animals.  Just something to tuck into your back pocket this Earth Day.

My Favorite Wild Oats Organic Products at Walmart

Honesty, I've never had one bad product from Wild Oats but off the top of my head I can think of a few that really stand out for their great taste.

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($5.98) - I use EVOO on a daily basis and I love that I have been able to painlessly incorporate one more organic product into my everyday routine.

- Marinara Sauce ($1.95) - My entire family loves this marinara sauce.  It's so fresh tasting and goes great with ground turkey and Wild Oats organic Spaghetti.

- Chipotle Sauce ($2.64) - This sauce is addicting.  I love it on eggs, burritos, tacos, you name it.

Connect with Wild Oats

Preggie Pops Are Now at Target + Giveaway

Preggie Pops, the all-natural morning sickness remedy for pregnant women, is now available at a favorite nationwide retailer – Target!

Nausea associated with pregnancy is a very common phenomenon occurring in up to 90% of pregnancies. Developed and recommended by healthcare professionals, Preggie Pops products are specially formulated with essential oils, aromatherapy, and natural ingredients clinically proven to help fight nausea and morning sickness. Available in yummy flavors, they are small enough to keep in your purse and handy for those times you need them most! They are also a great addition to your labor bag to help with dry mouth and provide a nice energy boost.

Preggie Pop Drops come in three decadent flavors: sour raspberry, sour lemon, and green apple to relieve your worst nausea pains and start at $ 5.50. Preggie Naturals Chews is the newest product to the Three Lollies line – think Now N’ Laters meet morning sickness! Try the peppermint, raspberry, ginger, or green apple flavors to soothe your unsettled tummy starting at $4.95.

Target is stocking Preggie Pop Drops and Preggie Naturals Chews in the new Prenatal/Maternal Centers that are being unveiled nationwide this week, and also online at http://www.target.com/mom. The new centers cater to pregnant women and new moms and include well-known and trusted brands that meet her personal care, healthcare and nutrition needs in one destination.

We're giving away a Preggie Pops Prize Pack to one lucky winner.  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win a 3-month supply of Preggie Pops.  We will choose one winner after 5/5/15.  Good luck!

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