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Tips for Dining with a Toddler on Vacation (or anywhere, really)

Dining with a Toddler on Vacation - 3 Tips from a Family Travel Blogger

Dining with a toddler while on vacation might not sound like the most enjoyable experience, but if you take the kiddos along, you have no other option (unless they stay in the kids club).  As a travel blogger, it's part of my job to experience each all-inclusive family vacation destination with the kiddos and by doing that, I've learned three valuable tips that I'd like to share with you.

5 Common Skincare Myths - Debunked

This post is part of a sponsored series for Metrin.  As always, all opinions are my own and are not to be taken as medical advice.
Metrin Skincare Products

As you will know from my previous posts, I've been trying out the 5-step skincare system from Metrin. Although it sounds like a lot of work to many people, it's actually an easy and quick routine to follow. To change things up a bit this time around, I thought I would go more in-depth about some of the skincare rumors and myths that are floating around. This post was inspired by the Metrin Instagram page, which has a lot more wonderful skincare tips.

How To Cook Your Way To A Healthier You

healthy salad
Image Credit: Pexels

Healthy recipes, nutrition and organic food should all be at the top of your list when working towards the goal of a healthier you. Other things to take into consideration are the utensils you use, the way you cook and how much you consume. Super healthy eating makes you feel more invigorated and gives you much more energy each day. You will feel refreshed from the inside and proud that you are taking care of your body.

Prepare For Christmas Throughout The Year To Get Organized and Save Money!

When I was younger, there was this little store by my mom and dad’s house. Every September, the little old lady that ran it would ask me whenever I went in: “All ready for Christmas?”. Now I know that sounds a little crazy, but I think she may have been onto something!

Mickey Mouse Helping Hands Feeding and Activity Seat from The First Years

This post is part a sponsored collaboration with The First Years.  I have received the free products to facilitate my review.  As always, all opinions are my own.
Mickey Mouse Booster Seat - The First Years

Parents! How many of you have trouble keeping your toddler occupied while you prepare dinner?  The struggle is so real, right?  I let mine play with Tupperware containers, a whisk/bowl to pretend she's mixing with me, and anything else I can easily grab with messy food-covered hands.  I've even let her play with a bowl of uncooked rice.  Huge mistake!

ALEX Toys Recalls Infant Building Play Sets Due to Choking Hazard

Recall Date: August 23, 2016
Recall Number: 16-248                                                                             
Recall Summary

Name of Product:  ALEX Jr. Baby Builder, First Pops and First Snaps  

Hazard:  Small parts of the plastic toy building sets can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.
Remedy: Refund

Consumers should immediately take the recalled building sets away from children and contact ALEX for a prepaid shipping envelope to return the product(s). ALEX will send consumers a full refund upon receipt of returned sets.

Consumer Contact: ALEX toll-free at 844-310-6691 anytime or online at www.alexbrands.com and click on the “Recall Information” link beneath the carousel for more information.

McDonald’s Recalls “Step-iT” Activity Wristbands Due to Risk of Skin Irritation or Burns

Recall Date: August 23, 2016
Recall Number: 16-247                                                                  

Recall Summary

Name of Product: “Step-iT” Activity Wristbands

Hazard: The recalled wristbands can cause skin irritation or burns to children.

Remedy: Replace
Consumers should immediately take the recalled wristbands from children and return them to any McDonald’s for a free replacement toy and either a yogurt tube or bag of apple slices.
Consumer Contact: McDonald’s at 800-244-6227 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT daily, or online at www.mcdonalds.com and click on “Safety Recall” for more information.

Planning A Party? Stress-Busting Solutions To See You Through

Are you celebrating a special occasion? Are you planning a party and hoping to impress friends and family? Organizing any event can be stressful. Thankfully, there are ways of saving time and effort and eliminating last-minute hitches. Here are some stress-busting solutions to help you plan the party of the year without any hassle at all.

Who is most at risk for the Zika Virus?

As a family travel blogger, Zika is a subject that has been coming up quite a bit lately across my social media channels.  People are even canceling pre-planned vacations because of it.  Today I wanted to shed some light on who should be most concerned about it - article courtesy of Rove Pest Control.

Creating a Vintage Style Living Room

Vintage is having quite a moment! From fashionable outfits and hairstyles to home decor, old is officially the new new! So, how can you make this trend a part of your home decor?

First up, you need to focus on just one room, to begin with. Spread your efforts too thin and it could just look like each room in your house has something a bit old in it. Even worse, it could look like the item in question is ratty and needs replacing. In order to pull off a vintage look, there needs to be multiple items that pull the whole room together. Imagine it like a painted canvas. The canvas can’t look complete as long as there are some areas left unattended to and unpainted.

5 Ways to Get Fit Without Breaking the Bank

Everyone wants to feel better, have more energy, and look better. However, not everyone can afford fabulous personal trainers or hours in the gym.  Don't worry, though.  You can do it without going bankrupt in the process with these five easy ways to get fit.

Limeapple's Back-to-School Sale on Girls Clothes

One of my favorite online kids' clothing boutiques is having an awesome back-to-school sale August 18th and 19th.  They will be offering lower prices on new items, existing items and clearance items.

Take 15% off new items!

Take 15-50% off all existing items!

Take an additional 50% off all sale items!

Be sure to bookmark Limeapple.ca so you don't miss this sale.

About Limeapple

Limeapple Boutique, Limeapple Sport and Limeapple Swim offer a wide variety of feminine, fun girls' clothes in sizes 12 months to 14 that fit, flatter, move and breathe. They're a favorite among girls—and their moms—because their style is energetic, bright, comfortable and age-appropriate. Their lines feature sportswear for school and beyond as well as dresses for recitals, dances, parties, family events, holidays and every day. Their activewear is performance quality and proves that looking good while dancing, practicing yoga, skating and working out is no sweat. Their swim collection is designed for everything from cannon balls to forward dives, from fighting the waves to beating the competition, and from lounging on the beach to racing off the starting block​.

Benefits of the Donut Dog Bed (Because We Love our Pets Like our Kids)

Image source: www.shutterstock.com

I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed neck and back aches a lot more than I used to when I get up in the morning. Moving around my bedroom stiffly, trying to wake my body up, I know that I need a better mattress. True, they’re a little costly to replace. Then again, is it better to wake up in pain, or to wake up after a good night’s sleep? I think we can all agree on the answer to that one.

Unproductive Days as a Work-at-Home-Mom

Hey, Boss Moms!

Do you ever have really unproductive days?  Today I've done a lot of social media browsing, following, commenting, liking, sharing - which is great for my social media strategy, but I haven't done much in the way of blog work.  I have a list of photography projects I need to get done today, but I need better lighting outside.  I should be writing new blog posts for future projects, writing back to the hundreds of people that email me each week, cleaning my desk and office up, or something more productive than writing a post about being unproductive...

Fun Reading Games for Kids on the iPad | Learn with Homer Review

This post and giveaway was made possible by the Homer app.  Thanks for taking the time to visit our sponsors and help share their info on your social media pages.
When I was a kid, learning to read was completely different than it is now.  We didn't use computers in school until about second or third grade and we were already reading before that time.  For my girls, there are so many learning tools available such as computer games, apps and digital toys but having too many of them can definitely get overwhelming.

Your Secret Guide To A Better Night's Sleep

Sleep. It can feel impossible to get a decent night's sleep nowadays. Sometimes it might feel impossible to fall into a slumber; other people struggle with staying asleep. Whatever your issue you could be striving for good quality sleep all your life. However, what you may fail to realize is that sometimes you could be hindering your chances. By looking at some of your habits and making a few changes here and there, it is possible to have a good night's sleep. I thought I would share with you a secret guide to improving your sleep. I hope it helps you.


Gorgeous Features To Make Your Home Look Spectacular

Photographer: Falco via Pixabay

You can decorate your home beautifully and pick out the right furniture, but to really take it to the next level you need some stunning show stopping features. These are the things that automatically draw your eye to when you step in the room, and make your home look interesting and expensive. Sick of bland and boring rooms? Here are a few features you could consider investing in.

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