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Gorgeous Features To Make Your Home Look Spectacular

Photographer: Falco via Pixabay

You can decorate your home beautifully and pick out the right furniture, but to really take it to the next level you need some stunning show stopping features. These are the things that automatically draw your eye to when you step in the room, and make your home look interesting and expensive. Sick of bland and boring rooms? Here are a few features you could consider investing in.

A Stunning Front Door

This will make a statement before anyone has even set foot into your home. A new front door can cost quite a big, although if you’re looking to be thrifty it’s possible to buy them second hand and upcyle them. Well worth it if you can find a solid, heavy duty wooden piece as it can be sanded right back and painted with an exterior paint in a gorgeous color. Don’t let a shabby front door let your home down!

A Feature Fireplace


A feature fireplace finishes off any sitting room beautifully. Not only do they look fantastic but are practical too, and keep the room cozy and warm over the winter. A good tip for choosing a fireplace is to go with something that meshes well with the rest of the room. For example in a minimalist space you could choose something really sleek and modern, whereas more cottage style homes will suit something a bit more rustic looking. You could go with gas, electric or even a wood burning fire like these from http://thestovecenter.com

High End Faucets


Even if you have a basic bathroom and kitchen suite installed in your home, adding a high end tap will immediately make them look more expensive. It’s a great investment as it means you can improve the look of a room with one simple change. You could swap these over yourself by following a Youtube tutorial, or if you’re really unsure call in a plumber. Either way adding those high end taps will make a dramatic difference to your bathrooms and kitchen, and is a quick and easy way to update without ripping out everything and starting again.

Beautiful Lighting


There are few things in a home that can bring the wow factor more than good lighting. Think opulent chandeliers, cool modern fixtures or vintage style lanterns- whatever theme you decide to go for lighting is one thing to get right. This isn’t an area of your home to skimp on, give the lighting as much thought as you would to the decor and furniture. A cheap light fixture will look drab and cheapen the rest of the room.

Just a few of the ways you can really make your home stand out and take it from good to great. The best thing is none of them require any major renovations, so are projects that are quick and easy to do but will make a big impact in your home.

What features do you think make a home look spectacular?

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Yona Williams said...

I have always enjoyed how eye-catching a bold-colored front door is. It looks really nice all around the board.