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How To Cook Your Way To A Healthier You

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Healthy recipes, nutrition and organic food should all be at the top of your list when working towards the goal of a healthier you. Other things to take into consideration are the utensils you use, the way you cook and how much you consume. Super healthy eating makes you feel more invigorated and gives you much more energy each day. You will feel refreshed from the inside and proud that you are taking care of your body.

Learning how to cook the right way and with the right equipment also brings about a sense of power and knowledge. And it's something you can share with all the family. Let's look at some of the ways you can get healthy fast and cook your way to a healthier you.

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There has been much talk about superfoods in the press (especially on Dr. Oz) in recent years. Thankfully we are trading in our cheeseburgers and pizzas for a much healthier lifestyle. This is the result of many statistics showing us that certain foods can result in obesity, diabetes and even certain cancers.

We all know the bigger rules; cut out excessive fat, cut out sugar and minimize your alcohol intake. But just what are some of the superfoods taking the world by storm? Everyday superfoods such as salmon, blueberries and kale are smart foods that will liven up your diet. Nutrient-packed foods give your immune system a boost and can banish tiredness, sluggishness and lethargy.

Breakfast: For breakfast you can try and include eggs as a great source of protein.

Lunch: At lunchtime you can choose tomatoes or a recipe with a tomato-based sauce. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is great for keeping your heart healthy and keeping skin looking young. Tomatoes can also help reduce your risk of a heart attack.

Snacks: If you want to snack during the day munch on apples and walnuts. Apples contain antioxidants that can reduce your risk of lung cancer. And walnuts contain an omega-3 fat that has been proven to increase memory and coordination.

Dinner: For dinner, try to incorporate fish into your meal plans at least three times a week. Fish has long been called a brain food. Salmon, in particular, is an amazing source of high-protein. It contains nutrients including vitamin B12, potassium and selenium. Fish such as salmon reduces the risks of heart disease and may also lower the risk of certain cancers, arthritis, Alzheimer's and high blood pressure. If you are making a salmon dish, it might also be a good idea to incorporate Spinahc into the meal. Spinach is high in vitamin K, which helps prevent DVT and blood clots and help builds healthy, strong bones. Popeye was right!

Dessert: Strawberries are always my favorite choice for dessert. They are also high in anti-inflammatory nutrients and may reduce the risk of cervical and colon cancer. Plus, they go great with a glass of Champagne or wine.

Healthy eating doesn't mean you have to cut out all the treats in life. It just means being aware of what is good for you and getting rid of as much of the bad stuff as possible.

Healthy Cooking Utensils

While superfoods and healthy eating may be on your radar, have you ever thought about how the way you cook can affect how healthy your food is too? How you cook can change the amount of nutrients you will subsequently receive from the good foods you are cooking. For example, that powerhouse of a microwave that can zap you up a meal in three minutes is a really unhealthy way to eat.

Microwave meals zap away the nutrients in your food. And the high heat frequencies mean that the molecular composition of your food actually changes. It’s time to ditch the microwave. Buying fresh food and cooking from scratch is the healthiest thing you can do for your body. It’s time to take charge and invest in healthy cookware for healthy living.

Healthy cookware includes items such as stone earth frying pans. These are free PFOA-free, which means no Teflon coating. There has been much press in recent years about the dangers of Teflon coating. While it may be convenient to cook with, it also emits chemicals and toxic gases that can cause illness.

There are many healthy cookware utensils that use safe, non-stick coatings that do not feature dangerous chemicals. If you are interested in healthy cooking, always look for utensils that are cadmium, lead and PFOA free.  PFOA exposure has been associated with liver, thyroid and immune system disorders. Medical researchers are now aware of the problems that these chemicals can cause.

The best thing you can do for a healthier you is to ditch the microwave and ditch cooking utensils that feature Teflon and PFOA. Get health conscious today and reap the rewards in the future. Glass, ceramic and stoneware are your healthiest options when cooking at home for all the family. Just check that your utensils have zero lead in them.

Never has it been more prevalent that we should lead a healthier lifestyle. With obesity, diabetes and cancers on the rise, we need to take charge of our lives and change the things that we have the power to. Use the principles above to kick start you on the way to a healthier life. At the start, as with any new regime, things may feel it’s a little tough. But as you get used to cooking in a more healthier way, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

You should feel refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the world. You heart can become stronger, you should sleep better, and you will be taking charge of your own and your family’s health. Eat more fruits and vegetables, use smart fats in your cooking and include as much fish as you can in your diet. Opt for low-fat dairy, keep portion control in check and keep a watch on how much sodium you intake. There is so much you can do to create a healthier version of yourself. So now is the time to get on that road of self-discovery!  

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