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Save Space With Clever Furniture That Doubles Up As Storage

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Space. In our homes, it can sometimes feel like we simply don't have enough of it. Busy work and family lives can often mean that we live surrounded by clutter, or that we have to climb over a pile of coats just to get to the bathroom (seriously, WHY were they on the floor again?!). It can start out as just being a little bit annoying, but if the problem grows, we can find ourselves really struggling to live amongst such chaos. It doesn't help that recent studies have found that the average home size in America is shrinking. This year, size of an average family home fell by 73 square feet, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Therefore, there has never been a better time to maximize your space with these clever pieces of furniture.


More and more companies are now manufacturing coffee tables which also double up as dining tables. Dining tables can be huge as well as expensive, and when we rarely use them, it can be a waste of money and space. In fact, unless we are entertaining, most Americans eat dinner either on the couch or at their breakfast bar/kitchen island. Having a coffee table that transforms into a dining table can save you huge amounts of space in your home, whilst still allowing you to be the hostess with the mostest.


Beds can offer some of the most innovative storage solutions imaginable for the modern home. Why not invest in a bed with built-in storage underneath? Many models now come with multi-functional sections rather than just an open space under the bed. This is perfect if you want to store a whole host of different items under there. In some cases, you will need to pull the mattress up to access the storage. In others, the bed simply has drawers built in underneath which you can slide out as you would on a chest of drawers. Another common problem for bedroom storage is bedroom televisions. Not only do you need room for your TV, but you will need something to put it on - which normally means buying another table. Instead, buying a bed with a built-in television can be the perfect solution to making more space, and looking cool. Beds can be notoriously tricky to move and dispose of. So, when you are getting rid of the old to make way for the new, consider hiring a company such as BayWideHauling.com to get rid of your original bed.  

Extra worktops

The kitchen can be one of the most cluttered places in the house. If you're a keen chef, this can be really disheartening. Many people dread the thought of cooking in their homes simply because everything seems to end up a mess. A common reason for this is a lack of kitchen storage space. However, many kitchen designers now offer you the option of having a hidden cabinet installed. These storage spaces hide in between your current kitchen islands and also double up as another surface to prepare food on. When you are done using it, simply slide it back into place, and your kitchen will look clutter-free as ever.

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