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Make Your Summer Guests Feel Welcome with These 5 Tips

Do you have summer guests headed to your home this season? Go beyond simply offering up a bed, and make sure your guests know how excited you are to have them in your house. It doesn’t take much to make a visitor feel special. A few small touches can have a big impact on how your visitors feel during their visit.

Provide a Friendly Tour

If your guests aren’t familiar with your home, take a few moments to give them a personal tour. Visitors will feel more comfortable navigating your space when you show them areas like the restroom and guest room yourself instead of instructing them to head to the “second door on the left.” Remember to show your guests simple things like where you keep the television remote, or how the washer and dryer work, so they’ll feel at home.

Offer All the Essentials

Clean sheets and a fresh pile of towels will go a long way toward making your visitors feel comfortable. Lay out an extra throw blanket and spare pillows so guests can choose the setup that’s most comfortable for them. Setting out travel-size toiletries, sunscreen, aloe, wash cloths, and hand towels in the bathroom will make your guests feel cared-for as well. Empty out a dresser drawer if possible, and place some empty hangers in the closet for a hotel-like ambiance.

Keeps Snacks and Sips on Hand

Take extra care with your grocery shopping when you’re expecting summer guests. Make sure you have extra beverages and snacks on hand for your visitors so they can easily grab something when they’re feeling hungry or thirsty. If you know your guests well, stock up on their favorites. If you’re unsure, prepare a selection of sweet, salty, and savory options. Make sure visitors know where the snacks and beverages are located, and let them know they’re welcome to dig in any time.

Keep It Clean and Fresh

Give your home a thorough cleaning before your guests arrive so they’ll feel comfortable in your fresh space. Change the air filter in your HVAC system to minimize dust and allergens in your home. Make sure you’re using the right air filter to get the best results from your system. This is a good time to clean out your microwave, dust off shelves, and vacuum out your couch as well. These little touches will make your home feel a bit more like a hotel.

Check Out Local Highlights

Do some research into local highlights and happenings so you can show your guests the best of your hometown while they’re visiting. The summer months are a prime time for festivals and special events. If there are limited-time exhibits, discounted museum days, antique shows, or other highlights to check out while your visitors are in town, collect a few brochures, flyers, or coupons to help guide your guests to the best places in the city.

These little touches will help your visitors feel truly welcomed in your home. Make the extra effort so your guests will enjoy a truly memorable experience.

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