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Free Up Space & Protect Irreplaceable Memories on your Smartphone

This article is sponsored by Picture Keeper Connect.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Many of us own cameras of all shapes and sizes, from professional DSLRs to action cameras like GoPros. Although we might pack them up for a vacation or a fun photography session, we don't often carry them all the time. When it comes to taking pictures day to day, we're much more likely to use the cameras on our phones. The cameras on our phones are convenient, quick, and better quality than they used to be. In addition to all that, our phones are also well-connected. Straight after taking a photo, you can upload it to Facebook or send it to someone on Snapchat.

Using Your Phone as Your Primary Camera

However, there are some dangers to using your phone as your primary camera. Many of us store hundreds of photos on our phones. But we don't always remember to back them up. This can lead to disaster if your phone is lost, stolen or it breaks, and you're unable to recover the data. While some of those photos might be just silly, spur of the moment shots, some will be precious memories. You're sure to have taken photos of your family, your pets or your amazing vacation. If you want to avoid this happening, you have to take steps to prevent it. Fortunately, it's easier than it would have been in the past. If a roll of film was lost or destroyed, you would probably have lost your photos forever. However, today it takes just seconds to make sure that won't happen.

Protecting Precious Memories

If you want to make sure you don't lose your precious memories forever, you can find ways to protect them. Backing up your smartphone is the best thing you can do to save all your best photos. If you phone is ever stolen or broken, you'll still have your photos in another location. Think of it as insurance for your photos. You have two main choices if you want to ensure you're always going to have your photos to look at. One choice is to back up your files onto a physical device, while the other is to use cloud storage. Each option has its pros and cons, so you have to consider them carefully. If you want to be extra safe, you might choose to use both types of storage to be extra certain.

Picture Keeper Connect

Using a physical device for backups, like the Picture Keeper Connect, is the safest option for many. If you use a physical storage device, you can hold all your photos in your hand. They aren't just stored on a remote server. You don't have to put a lot of effort into backing up your photos onto a device either. If you use one like the Picture Keeper Connect, you just have to download the accompanying app, and it does all the work for you. You can plug the device straight into your phone, so there's no need to transfer them to your computer. You can keep your photos completely safe, without having to put them online where they might be vulnerable.

Free Space

Another bonus of backing up your photos is that you can free up space on your smartphone. Many of use are very snap-happy when we have our smartphones in our pockets. It's so easy to take hundreds of photos in one day - some better than others! Even when your phone has plenty of storage space, it can't hold everything forever. You might go through and delete some blurry shots, but that only holds things off for a little while. If you need to clear some space on your phone, backing up your files on another device is a great solution. You'll be able to delete them from your phone once they're safely stored elsewhere.

There's no question that smartphones are the preferred device for capturing memories for a lot of people. They're extremely portable, and most people always have their phone on them. There's no need to remember to take a camera with you because it's already on your phone. But it's not all sunshine and roses.

We all need to be careful if we're going to rely on our phones to store our precious memories. If your phone goes missing or breaks, you could lose some one-of-a-kind moments that you'll never get back. You have to think ahead if you want to protect your memories. It will be too late to think about backups after something happens.

Next time you come back from vacation or have a fun day with the family, make sure you back up your photos afterward with the Picture Keeper Connect. If you're careless with your memories, they could lose them all too easily.

Download the Picture Keeper Mobile App

The Picture Keeper Connect App for iOS and Android provides a simple, easy way to backup the photos on your mobile device. Use the app to backup your mobile photos to a Picture Keeper Connect Drive or wirelessly send them to your computer for safe keeping.

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David Stuttard said...

It will clear up a ton of memory on my phone.

Hans Hafen said...

Wow! This is perfect! I take so many pictures with my phone that it takes up way too much room. This looks nice and convenient for my usage! - Christine H

Lauryn Rescoe said...

This Picture Keeper would help me because I use my cellphone solely to take pictures of my 3 children. This device will definitely help me when my phone gets low on storage, as well as protect them from accidently being deleted. :)

ellie said...

I'm always having to delete from my phone because of low memory. This would help so much.

Angela Saver said...

I feel the Picture Keeper would be perfect because we have so, so many pictures that I need a safe place to store them!

Wendy Browne said...

OMG I need this. I have almost 2k pics on my phone but I can't seem to upload them to my Chromebook.

Holly said...

It would be absolutely perfect for me because my phone is my main camera and I have over 5,000 pictures that I need to transfer somewhere! I am definitely a picture person!!!

Deanna Watson said...

This would be perfect for me because I like to take A LOT of photos. My phone is constantly telling me I'm out of space.

Kristie said...

I would love a Picture Keeper because it's a good idea to have a backup of important photos! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

ColleenMarie82 said...

I think this product would be good for me because I seem to always run out of picture space on my phone.

LauraJJ said...

Oh we would love this so much! I have so many pictures and videos on my phone that our little one and I have taken. He looks through them so often...I hate to delete them. I would love this to be able to save them to, yet a way he can still look through them all. I always get memory full. :(

Laurie Nykaza said...

Nothing is so important than making memories with people and having them to enjoy later. One of my kids had Lymphoma and the other a heart transplant so we take lot of photos . You realize when the ones you love pass it is so wonderful to enjoy your moments together through pictures.

Danalee said...

I have 4 kids so I need to capture the memories.

Anonymous said...

I use my phone for pictures all of the time and it would make it so much easier than backing them up on the laptop.

corey1971 said...

It keeps my pictures safe and private both! (CoreyOlomon at gmail dot com)

Gabrielly Margutti said...

It will help me with the memory on my phone.

Wendy ArtsyChaos said...

This would be great to keep more photos than I am able to now. I have to delete a lot because of space.

Diana said...

This would help me use the memory on my phone for somethings besides pictures!

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

The Picture Keeper Connect would help me to store and secure a lot of my son's pictures because my phone has only limited space!
Thank You for the chance

Fiona N