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FarFaria | Free Kids Books On-The-Go

My family is constantly on the go, as is yours, I'm sure.  When we travel we like to bring the iPad to give the kids something to play or watch on airplanes, in the car and even in hotel rooms.  It really comes in handy and can provide a few moments of quiet time if a nap just isn't going to happen.  Sometimes just an hour of rest can work wonders on a cranky kid and it gives us parents some time to relax.

On our most recent trip to Grand Cayman, my daughter was able to go on independent study for school.  She received a large packet of school work to do and was told to read for 15 minutes per day, just like she does at home.  During some of our down time, she filled in her journal, completed her school work and was able to read thanks to the FarFaria reading app.

FarFaria is an award winning reading app that allows you to choose from thousands of children's stories from a variety of reading levels.  This app is geared towards ages 2 - 9 and they offer new free kids books every week.  You can choose from some of your favorite classics or browse through hundreds of other best selling kids books.


While the app is in EXPLORE mode, you can hop around to the many themed islands.  Choose from themes like Classics Grove, Preschool Playground, Animal Kingdom and more.  Once you click into an island you'll be given a giant list of books which you can then sort alphabetically, by most popular, newest or by reading level.  Click into a book and you'll have the option to read on your own, auto play or play as you swipe each page.

Bedtime Stories

My girls' favorite island is BedTime Bluffs which is loaded with tons of really cute bedtime stories.  Since we typically do the majority of our reading at bedtime, it's perfect for us.

Common Core Reading Levels

This app has made reading on-the-go so much easier for my family because it helps cut down on the amount of things we have to bring with us.  With it's Common Core-aligned reading levels, I can easily select books in my Kindergarten daughter's reading level and can let her attempt to read them on her own.  When she gets stuck, she can either ask me for help or can let the app say the words for her.

Offline Reading

Our iPad is WiFi only, so we don't have access to the Internet when we're on the road.  FarFaria allows you to save up to 50 books at a time for easy offline reading.  We love this feature!

Get FarFaria

This app is available on iOS and Android for free with in-app purchases.  It's a great app for younger kids and encourages them to read more while making reading fun!

The best value is the $74.99 lifetime subscription.

Promo Code

To get 30% off your subscription, use code NAPTIME30 when purchasing from the website, www.farfaria.com.  This promo code will only work if you purchase a subscription from their website and will not work if purchasing through the free app.


Dominique Cloutier said...

The timing on finding this post is perfect! My kids just got "big kid" tablets for christmas the kids amazon fire tablets, This looks like a great app to add to their tablets. Thanks for sharing! I'd never heard of this app before your post!

Pam said...

What a great review! Thanks so much - this is an app my family needs!!

Elena said...

My kids would love this. Thank you for the review!