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Family Health Worries Keeping You Awake? This Can Help.

Family Health Worries Keeping You Awake?  This Can Help.

When we lay there trying to get to sleep we think about all kinds of things, and one of the biggest issues is our health or our family's health.  Your bed can be the coziest place ever, but if your mind keeps overthinking things and putting thought to aspects which could affect yourself and your family then you simply aren’t going to get a good night’s sleep.  Here you can find varying ways in which you can put your mind to rest.

Check The Humidity

Too high or low humidity can have a negative effect on your health and stop you getting that comfortable nights sleep. It can lead to colds and fevers and stop you and your family from operating to your fullest capacity. You can find out about your comfortable humidity level which can stop you getting ill and suffering at night. You could also use machines known as dehumidifiers to help you alter the amount of humidity in the air. The only issue is that they can hum quite noisily, so you need to find the right balance between getting your air right and being able to sleep through the noise.

Get A Insect Repellent Curtain

Sometimes it is just too hot to sleep without the window open. But the threat of mosquitos and other nasty bugs mean you likely need to keep it shut otherwise you’ll wake up wish nasty bite marks all over your body. You can get special curtains and blinds that can block out insects but still allow fresh air into your room, letting you enjoy a fresh and cool nights sleep without worrying about getting eaten. If you don’t like the thought of these meshes or curtains you could use a fan, again though the downside is the noise it makes.

Make Sure You Use CO2 Alarms

There are hundreds of horror stories regarding CO2 poisoning. Its symptoms are awful and it can even cause death in high quantities. As a firefighter's daughter, I've heard far too many horror stories, so I always make sure our CO2 alarms are working - both in our home and in our camping trailer.

You shouldn’t have to worry about such things and you won’t if you use strategically placed carbon monoxide alarms throughout your house. They need to be placed in your rooms which have burning appliances, such as a boiler or fire. They will sound when excess CO2 is detected in the air, so you will no longer have to worry whilst sleeping at night. You should also consider getting your boiler served once a year, this can eliminate any burning problems, saving you energy and keeping you warm at night during the winter months without CO2 worries.

Use Fire Alarms

Another big one coming from the firefighter's daughter!  Just like CO2 alarms, fire alarms can save some worry and let you sleep knowing if a fire starts you’ll soon find out about it. Fire alarms should be placed in open areas, such as the landing and downstairs hallway. At least one should be placed on each floors and tested intermittently. Remember to keep replacing the batteries as needed.  A good rule of thumb is to replace your fire alarm batteries when you turn your clocks forward or back for daylight savings time.

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Deanna Watson said...

I have been having terrible sleep lately. Thanks for the post. Hopefully I will be sleeping on schedule again soon.

Kristie said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't realize that humidity can make a difference in sleeping. I just know that it can make my nose bleed. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you! Happy 2017!

Lauryn Rescoe said...

Thank you for sharing this, these are very helpful tips! I am definitely an over thinker, especially while trying to fall asleep.

hams alx said...

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