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Love Yourself, Imperfections and All!

Learning how to love yourself is probably one of the hardest things in the world. However, it’s one of the most worthwhile. It absolutely does not matter what anybody thinks of you. It’s only how you feel about yourself that matters! You live that reality, and as long as you’re happy, you should find your life improves tenfold. You might think that you’re covered in imperfections, but it’s those things that make you, you.

This post is going to give you some advice that will help you to love yourself, regardless of what ‘imperfections’ you think you have!

Make A List Of Everything That’s Great About You

This might be difficult, however, you need to really try to do this as best you can. If you can only think of 3 to start with, that’s fine. You can always add more later. Start a list filled with all of the great things about you. This doesn’t just have to be things look-wise, but things like your wit and intelligence, too. Make this list as long as you can, and go into as much detail as you like. Both big and small, write them down!

Put Your List Somewhere You Can See It

Place your list somewhere you can see it. Maybe in your mirror. Then every time you look in the mirror, you’ll be reminded of how great you are. Add to it if you think of more things!

Create An Affirmation That You Like

An affirmation is a sentence that you repeat often. Repetition helps the brain to change it’s wiring and the way it thinks about things. If you repeat positive statements often enough, they will become your go-to. That’s why people who think negative thoughts often get themselves into a negative, downward spiral. 

Create an affirmation that you like. It could be ‘I am beautiful inside and out’. It could be ‘I am enough’. You can write these down when you need a pick me up, and you can repeat them to yourself throughout the day. Let them become your mantra. Even if you don’t believe them right away, repetition will help.

Find A Positive in A ‘Negative’

So, maybe you really can’t stand your thighs, or something like that. Find a way to make this negative into a positive. Your thighs are an important part of your legs, that help to carry you everywhere. Some people don’t even have legs. Make sure you turn a negative into a positive every time one enters your head!

Do Things Because You Love Yourself, Not Because You Hate Yourself

Some people work out because they hate their bodies. Some people have rigorous beauty regimes because they don’t like how they look. Start doing things because you love yourself instead. Doing things out of love is so much nicer. You could learn how to get rid of scars using these gels, give yourself a pedicure every week, and even go to the gym and really enjoy your workouts!

Stop Comparing Yourself Right Away

Stop looking at Instagram and wishing you looked like somebody else. The same with magazines. Many images have been photoshopped, and you’d never know it. Many people have spent thousands on cosmetic surgery. You should never compare yourself to somebody else. We all have different features and different body types. They are all beautiful. Noticing somebody else’s beauty does not need to take away from your own!

Make today ridiculously amazing!  XoXo - Cristen


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