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Small Ways To Help Manage Your Anxiety

You may not know, but a lot of people suffer from anxiety, including moms. There are a lot of different types of anxiety disorders such as PTSD and GAD which you may have heard of. There is also a lot of information out there designed to help you manage your anxiety, and make a living with it easier. But to save you some time we have collected some of the best advice in the article below. We hope it helps!


One of the first stops for people experiencing a lot of anxiety in their lives is their doctors, where they ask for some medications. This can be a difficult step for some people to make, as they find it hard to admit anything is wrong. Some folks can also be resistant to using medication to calm their problems, as they feel that they should be able to cope on their own.

However many medications have been shown to been useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders. So it is an avenue, along with CBT that is worth pursuing. Yes, sometimes it will take a little while to get the medicine type, and dosage right, though. So don't give up on the first go and explore this option with your doctor thoroughly.

Other people choose alternative therapies like St John's Wort to help with anxiety. But be careful, and speak to a medical professional before you use these with any other form of medication. As they can cause an interaction that will do more harm than good.


You can also help alleviate anxiety by changing the things that you eat and drink. This allows the body to better regulate its fear response.

This can include cutting out caffeine and sugar as these produce a like in the bodies energy which can easily be interpreted as anxiety.

Look out for hidden sugar in prepared foods, and make your own soups and sauces in the blender at home instead. Check out the blenders like the ones reviewed on pages like Healthy But Smart to help make your own healthy, low sugar food easy and quick.


Another excellent coping strategy for dealing with anxiety is to practice mindfulness. Depending on who you ask mindfulness is either a meditation technique in and of itself or just a way of being more present in the moment.

This can help anxiety sufferers, because all too often folks that are anxious, push away their uncomfortable feelings. This then sets up a loop within their own bodies as the brain interprets these messages as dangerous which send out more adrenaline. Which in turn emphasizes the fear reaction.

With mindfulness, you can interrupt this process by staying with your feelings rather than fighting against it. In this way you allow your body to see that while these feelings will decrease on their own after about 15-20 minutes. That means they are survivable if you just breathe through them without trying to do anything to fix them. In fact, there are a lot of breathing exercises that can be particularly helpful for someone going through an anxiety attack.

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