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I’m at the point of parenthood where I am absolutely sick of the overabundance of toys in my house.  I’m tired of the teeny tiny pieces that get lost around the house.  I’m annoyed with the sounds, the flashing lights, the songs.  I’m at the point of parenthood where I’m about ready to give away every toy that isn’t a nice classic wooden toy.

I have always been a big fan of wooden toys, as you might remember from some of my previous articles, because they require kids to use their imagination when they play.  They allow for hours of open-ended, imaginative play.  Wooden toys seem to last a lot longer in our house, too.  My girls can get a little destructive, so we need toys that can withstand a beating and wooden toys seem to do okay.

While browsing the Cubbie Lee Toy Company website (, I came across some really unique wooden toys that I thought my girls would love.  This adorable wooden Afternoon Tea Set ($16.99) from Cubbie Lee has a little asian flare to it, which I love. My girls have been having a blast having tea parties together.  It’s about the only time they get along lately, and it is so special to see them enjoying themselves and working together.  My girls have a three year age gap, so most of the time they aren’t interested in playing with the same toys at the same time.  A tea party just brings people together and gives everyone a chance to be involved.

Kids start to pretend play at various ages. Both of my girls started to really get into pretend play around age two.  At that age they began playing with dolls and little figurines and would learn to speak for them and interact with them.  My youngest is just about two and a half, so pretend tea parties are perfect for her.

Another great toy we found on the Cubbie Lee website is the wooden Sea Puzzle ($9.99).  This toy is designed for ages two and up and is a great toy for manual dexterity.  Each little puzzle piece has a wooden peg on it and is painted with bright colors and adorable faces.

Wooden Puzzle Piece - Crab

The Benefits of Wooden Toys

Durability:  Wooden toys have almost always proven to be more durable in our house.  As I mentioned above, my girls are a little destructive when they play.

Problem Solving: Many times, wooden toys offer some sort of problem solving practice.  Whether the child has to put pieces together to form a greater object or fit smaller pieces into a puzzle of some sort, they are thinking and problem solving without even knowing it.

Hand-Eye Coordination: This benefit goes along with the problem solving benefit I mentioned above.  While the child is trying to play with the wooden toy, solve the puzzle, or serve the “tea,” he/she is practicing their hand-eye coordination.

Interaction:  Wooden toys tend to require more interaction from the child, than toys that simply require a push of a button to operate.  Take a wooden train, for instance.  The child has to physically move the train to get it to roll.

Heirlooms:  Wooden toys can last generations if taken care of properly.


Learn more

The benefits above are just some of the many benefits of wooden toys.  You can learn more about the benefits of wooden toys and shop a huge variety of toys at

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Thanks to Cubbie Lee Toys for sponsoring this article.  As always, all opinions are my own and I only feature brands and products that fit in with our lifestyle.


  1. I LOVE wooden toys!! I am at the same point in parenthood that you are, lol. My favorite kind are the gorgeous wooden ones, they are just so durable! Thank you so much for sharing this company, I will definitely be ordering from them very soon. 🙂

  2. I love wooden toys for my boys. I completely agree that they do seem to last a lot longer than plastic toys. My boys have these dinosaur wooden puzzles that they simply adore.

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