Embarrassing Homes And What To Do About Them

Empty And Untidy Child's Bedroom

Who doesn’t want a home they can be proud of? Everyone dreams of seeing the looks of envy on their friend’s faces when they come round for coffee. Our homes, in many ways, are our biggest achievements. Anything seems possible when you have saved, and paid, for your own place in the world. When you have those keys in your hand, you’ll feel as though you have finally arrived. And, once you’re on the property ladder, things can only get better. But, it’s important to care for and nurture your home like it’s a family member. If you don’t, it could become more of an embarrassment than something to be proud of. Don’t let yourself be the person who always meets friends in cafes because you don’t want them to see what’s happened to your home. Think about the sense of achievement you had when you first held those keys. With that feeling in mind, it’s time to turn your attention to what you find so embarrassing about your house.

It may be that the embarrassment isn’t something you can fix. It may be a case of your feeling that you have outgrown the space. Or, the area you live in may have changed beyond recognition. These things are part and parcel of life. If you think these are the problem, a move may be in your future. But, home embarrassment is often easier than that to tackle. Is it time for a redecoration? Do you feel as though your home is always a little too messy? We’re going to look at some of the key factors to consider when making a home you’ll be desperate to show off.



If your decoration isn’t right, you’ll want to keep it hidden. But, home decoration is one thing we should be loud and proud about. Walls are the best creative canvas anyone could ask for. And, you don’t need to be the most talented painter to make them look good! The first thing to think about is why you’re embarrassed in the first place. Is it a case of the paint peeling in places? Or, has the style gone out of fashion? It may be that you’re wondering what on earth your past-self thought when they chose that color. No problem. These issues are easy to fix. All you need to do is redecorate.

Think about what color palette would work for you. Maybe that you want to keep the furniture you have. If that’s the case, you’re better off sticking with a color that suits everything else in the room. Or, you may want to use the redecoration as an excuse to restyle completely. If that’s the case, the decorating world welcomes you. As you’re not happy with your home as it is, think what you could do to change it. Maybe a minimalist makeover is in order? Or, does shabby chic sound more to your tastes? Once you’ve decided what you’re doing, it’s crucial you take your time. A rushed paint job is not going to look good and could lead to more embarrassment on your part.



Worrying that your home smells is another difficult issue, though it’s one we’re not so keen to admit. Everyone has to redecorate from time to time, but who wants to admit there’s an unpleasant stench in their house? Yet, for those of us with dogs, or other pets, it’s a reality we face. And, the problem extends to more than our home lives. If your home smells, the chances are your clothes do too. If you find yourself standing a safe distance in conversation, it’s past time you made a change.

Getting rid of that doggy smell isn’t as easy as you might think. The most obvious option would be to wash your dog more. But, that wouldn’t help at all. Then, you would be contending with the wet dog smell instead. Washing dogs can make the matter worse. You’re better off only washing them when you have no other option. Otherwise, you should sponge down mucky patches in the sink. So, if you can’t wash them, what can you do? There are some fantastic products designed to fight pet odor. These should be your first port of call. Spraying these a few times a day will make all the difference. It can also help to stock up on reed diffusers and potpourri. Candles are another excellent choice. Bear in mind that they work best when lit, so won’t cover the smell all the time. It can also make a huge difference to open the windows whenever you get the chance. This will freshen your home and its smell!



Smell isn’t the only thing pet owners have to contend with. There’s also the risk of flea infestation. Pests are one thing we never want to admit to in our homes. But, they can cause significant issues. From putting your health at risk to causing structural damage to your home. It’s not just fleas we have to contend with, either. Even those of you who don’t own pets could be at risk. If you live in a rural area, rats or cockroaches could find their way in and wreak havoc. The main reason for embarrassment here is the misconception that pests equal filth. If you have a problem, it’s no reflection of the cleanliness in your home. The reality is that our kitchens contain food. If pests are already in your area, they’ll come.

So, what can you do? Contacting a pest control company is crucial. If you try to deal with the problem yourself, you’ll give the issue an opportunity to worsen. Pests are hard to get rid of. And, home remedies rarely do the job. Get a hold on things as soon as possible by contacting someone who knows what they’re doing. Once the problem is gone, you need to take steps to prevent it happening again. Keep food in airtight containers, and above floor level wherever possible. Otherwise, you’re sure to find yourself feeding uninvited guests again.


Do you worry that your cleaning isn’t up to scratch? Cleaning a whole house is no easy job, especially if you work full time as well. The moment you’ve cleaned, the space gets dirty again. Who has time? In truth, you need to. Being embarrassed by a messy home is a horrible feeling. And, it’s not good for your health, either. The best thing for it is to do everything possible to make cleaning easier. It may be that you’ve been tackling the problem in the wrong way. It’s time to wrangle with the beast.

A cleaning schedule will make all the difference. How often do you avoid cleaning altogether because you don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there. When you’re already exhausted from work, cleaning isn’t even something you can consider. That’s why it pays to develop a rota. If you know where you’re cleaning each day, you should be able to tackle the problem in ten minutes. Then, you’ll be able to sit back and rest easy. Don’t be afraid of incorporating other family members into that rota, either. You all live there, so why should all the cleaning be left down to you? It may take a while to install the changes, but if you tell them enough, your family should catch on.

It may also be worth investing in products that can make the job easier. Long gone are the days when we had to tackle cleaning with soapy water and elbow grease. Now, you can invest in products that clean with little elbow grease on your part. It’s also worth investing in a top quality mop, to save you putting your back into cleaning the floors. The more products you use, the less work you’ll have to put in.


If your rooms are cluttered, is it any wonder you don’t want people seeing? You may convince yourself you were aiming for that shabby chic image, but you have to draw the line somewhere. There comes a stage when clutter stops looking cute and starts causing mayhem. If you think you’ve reached that stage, it’s time to make a change. As well as causing embarrassment, a cluttered home can affect your mental wellbeing. Who wants to return to a home they can barely move in?

The first thing is to get callous with your culling. You aren’t clearing out only to put your clutter elsewhere. Get rid of what you don’t use. Find a good home for it, or chuck it out for good. Put it somewhere it won’t affect you! It can be a laborious process, but it’s worthwhile. If you find some items you can’t part with, make sure to find a proper place for them. Have a clear out every few months to ensure the problem doesn’t reach breaking point again.


  1. Thought I had left a comment on this post yesterday, but apparently it didn’t go thru 🙁 trying again… sorry if a dupe. Anyway, these are great tips, I have to admit I tend to accumulate a bit of clutter at home but try to keep it looking good enough for people to visit without being ashamed. lol. I really enjoy being able to deep clean with Spring and Fall cleaning twice a year, and also donate many items to local agencies if they are still in good condition.

  2. We just recently painted our living room and I am so happy when people comment on it. I wonder how I’ll feel about it in 5 years, but a clean, decluttered, freshly painted room feels so good right now!

  3. Great post! I am always concerned about my home smelling amazing, especially with three littles under 7. I am a clean freak and love the smell of natural lemon cleaners. 🙂 I am also big on candles and wax warmers.

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