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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but for many of us, it’s our own bedroom. From the time we’re kids, our bedroom is our kingdom and sanctuary. This is the place where you start and end every day, and the one room where you can always get away from the chaos of the world, recline and relax. If you’re planning to make your bedroom even more tranquil and comfortable, here are a few pointers to go about it…


The Right Temperature

You’ll get the best night’s sleep in a room that’s cool and dark. Have a look around your room, and try to find any ways possible to create the perfect conditions for sleeping. Window treatments are an easy and effective way of doing this, particularly lined drapes. These are ideal for the acoustics in a room where you’ll do a lot of relaxing, and also make great light controllers and insulators. Once you find a style you like and put them up, try closing your curtains before you leave the home, particularly if you get a lot of light in the day. This will help to keep the room cool for when you come home. Drapes can be expensive, but they can have a massive impact on how comfortable you are in your room.


The Ideal Bed

The bed is obviously the dominating centerpiece of your bedroom, and choosing the right one can have a major positive impact to the overall mien of your little haven. There are countless frames to choose from, such as the ones exhibited in collections from Tommy Bahama Furniture. Aside from the aesthetic value, the ideal bed is one with a mattress that you find comfortable. Regardless of what a lot of ads will tell you about your spinal health, the right mattress is largely down to personal preference, and if it feels comfortable against your body and gives you a good night’s sleep, it’s the right choice. This goes for changing it as well. If the manufacturer’s guide tells you to rotate it once in a while, then follow this advice. Aside from that, just change it when it’s no longer comfortable.


Good Lighting

Just like any interior space, the lighting in your bedroom can be a huge part of how attractive and comfortable it is. You can use window treatments to manage the natural light that’s coming in, and all the rest is down to fixtures. For the main fixture, it’s recommended that you use a dimmer switch to get the mood just right. It’s also a good idea to have some convenient bedside lamps, whether you like to read before bed or not. For better control of these, you can get lamps with a dimmer function or add a dimmer cord to them. If you’re in the process of moving things around, bring your bed closer to outlets or power bars, making it more convenient for charging devices, clocks and so on.


Keep these three points in mind, and you’ll never want to leave your bedroom!


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