Struggling To Dream A Little Dream?

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There are a lot of people who struggle to get to sleep once their head hits the pillow, it’s quite common and there are numerous reasons why this might happen. You might have thrown off your sleeping pattern with too many late nights. If that’s the case, it can take a few days and a lot of willpower to get back to sleeping at the time you want.

Or, perhaps you are drinking too much caffeine. You might not realize this, but there are actually natural hormones in our body that help us stay awake so we don’t really need coffee. But by drinking coffee, we reduce the production of these hormones. Eventually, that means we’re dependent on coffee which is bad enough. Add this to the fact that coffee keeps our brains awake long after we drink it and it can play havoc with sleep.

So there are lots of issues that can impact sleep. But what on earth are the solutions?


Don’t Listen To Doctor Who

TV fanatics might remember a rather iconic episode where people were warned not to blink. When they blinked the weeping angels statues moved. A scary thought for sure but blinking can be quite beneficial if you can’t sleep. By blinking you tire out your eye muscles sending your brain the message you want to sleep. You should find you get some shut eye far more easily if you do this.


Try Some Valerian

Valerian is a wonderful little herb that taken the right way can actually help you sleep better. The best way to take the herb is by vaping it using one of the many concentrate vaporizers available. Heating the herb to the right temperature ensures you ingest what you need to get the greatest positive effect.

You can also try adding the herb to your tea or taking it in pill form. But researchers generally agree that by vaping you get the fastest reaction.


Work It Out

Literally, you should try a quick workout routine an hour or so before bed. That’s going to tire out your body, and when your body is tired it will tell your brain, you need sleep. The rookie mistake here is to take something that gives you energy to workout first like a sports drink. Do this, and you won’t see any positive effect of working up a sweat.


Turn Off The Tech

Finally, every piece of tech that we use releases some form of electromagnetic energy. Studying this energy researchers have found that it does impact whether or not people get to sleep. Basically, it stops you from getting to the deep sleep REM stage. As such, you don’t get the best benefits from rest.

So do yourself a favor and switch off your laptops and phones. Better yet, put them away in a drawer or even move them to another room before you go to bed. Even when the tech is switched off, it can still produce the energy we’re talking about here.

We hope this advice helps you get the zzz’s your body desperately needs to recover.

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