Get The Home Ready For A Pet’s Arrival

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So you have decided to buy a pet, but it isn’t as simple as buying it and bringing it home. There are more things to consider than just that. For example, if you are going for a dog you need to work out what the best breed would be for you to ensure it fits with your home. You can’t just come home and put the pet where it needs to go. Instead you need to ensure that your home is perfectly suited to the pets arrival. This entails a few things, some involve preparing, others ensuring the pet is actually a right option for your home at all. You may have thought about some of these tips already, which is great. But read on because you could see something important you are yet to consider.

First you need to get the right equipment for the animal in question. This could range from beds for dogs and cats, leashes, toys, a cage for a hamster, etc. You must ensure you get the right things before getting the actual pet. It might also be worth stocking up on certain pet products of the medical kind just in case something goes wrong, too. Flea medication, like Advantix II is a great bet because most dogs will get them at some point. We’re dealing with a terrible case of fleas right now and Advantix has been great for our dog.  Once you have the right equipment you can rest easy knowing you are bringing the pet to somewhere that is prepared.

Your home also needs to be ready.  You can’t just buy the products above and think you are done. If you are getting a dog then they will need their own area, or bed. It doesn’t matter where this is. But if you don’t they will find somewhere else and instinctively go to it – like my dog…and the couch!  It would be best if you provided them with their own space and made it there area. If you are getting a puppy or a kitten you need to remember that they are more playful and will likely bite and chew things, so ensure nothing is left out for them to get their hands on.

You should spend some time ascertaining whether any of your family members are allergic to the animal. Many people are allergic to pets and dogs among other things. If this is the case, they could get used to it. But if it is really bad the pet may have to be moved on.  They do have hypoallergenic pets, so take some time to look that up.

You need to set someone who is going to feed the animal three times a day and someone who is going to take the dog for walks. Set up a rota, where everyone has a hand in it. This needs to become routine fast so that it sets in. It will change how you and your family live their lives, so you need to be ready for the adjustments needed.

The pet may need a set of shots too. They differ depending on what you get, but cats and dogs certainly need a myriad of shots to keep them safe in the future. They are quite expensive, but you must not skimp here or you could see your pet become ill and die.

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