Putting Some Class Into A Grown-Up Dinner Time

When you’ve finally managed to get your little ones off to sleep, it’s your time to enjoy your evening meal with your partner, sip a glass of wine, and feel like an adult again, after attempting to be Elsa from Frozen. Even if you don’t get to sit down, and enjoy a grown-up meal, every night; when you do, it’s nice to feel like it’s a classy affair (before breakfast time rolls around, and it’s feeding time at the zoo again). The following are some ideas to consider when it comes to special, child-free dinner times.

The Food

There’s no time like the present, to pop open that bottle of fizz, that you’ve been saving for a special occasion; make the evening a celebration of getting through the week in one piece, and toast to the fact you’ve managed to keep small humans alive. A well-deserved glass of red, white, rose, or champers, will always make a dinner feel significant; and there’s no harm in a weekly (or twice-weekly) treat.

A grown-up, kid-free dinner means that you get to cook at home and indulge in all the food you love, that your little ones refuse to go near (or even have on the table, because it will “taint the other foods”). So, set aside an area in your shopping cart, in the grocery store, that’s just for you, or you and your partner, to eat and enjoy on your distinguished Thursday night meal. That seafood paella can be yours!

The Space

Make sure that iPads, crayons, and toys have been cleared away, and are out of sight, so you’ll have a clean space in which to set the table. If you have a separate dining area or room, consider if it needs updating or a fresh coat of paint; a classic and relaxed environment will always be a pleasure to eat your meal in.

If you’re lucky enough to have a child-free zone, and a formal dining area in your home; consider furnishing it with pieces that infuse some luxury into the space (especially as little paint-covered hands won’t be touching them). Have a look at ranges like the Oyster Bay dining room collection, to inspire you on what to invest in. Your flooring and accessories can also be a way of separating any formal areas from the rest of your busy family home, so have some fun when you’re looking into buying anything, and remember that they’ll be a no-go area for the kids.


The Ambiance

The food is cooked, and the table is set; now you need to set a relaxing and civilized mood, for you to eat and unwind in. Put some music on that isn’t the latest Disney soundtrack, and light some children’s fire hazards, also known as candles, so the room will be twinkling and sounding great. All that’s left is for you to sit down, sip your drink, and enjoy the scrumptious food that’s in front of you. Take time to chat over the dinner table, and cherish those precious moments before the sun comes up and you’re getting school bags ready again; you deserve it.

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