Do You Have the Time to Own a Dog?

Are you thinking about buying a dog for your family? It’s a big commitment, and far too many people jump into it without properly thinking through the consequences and what it will mean in real terms. This is a major mistake, and it’s one that you should be very careful indeed to avoid. There are so many good reasons to become a dog owner, but that’s only the case if you have the time to dedicate to your new pet.

If you don’t have that time, you could end up neglecting the dog, and that’s just not fair. So, be very careful about considering your options and what it will mean for your existing lifestyle. Below, you will find plenty of information on how much time a new dog will take up, reasons why you might not want to get one and some time-saving solutions to help you.

Do you have the time to own a dog?

How Much Time Will a Dog Take Up?


First of all, you’re going to have to make sure that you have the time to keep your dog active and moving. Dogs need to be walked each day, and ideally they need to be able to run around in an open space too. This keeps them healthy and in shape. Your dog will gain weight and become lazy if you allow it to sit around the house and not get active. This is not good for your dog, and it’s not what your dog wants either. But finding time to walk your dog each day is not always easy. Make sure you find time for it.



Next, you need to make sure that you have time to give your dog the attention that it needs. They are social creatures, and they need a lot of attention from their owners if they’re going to be happy and contented. This means spending time with your dog, and it’s hard to be doing other things if you’re also giving your dog your full attention. This is something that many people forget about when they are weighing up whether or not to get a dog. Your dog will demand your attention, and that can take up a lot of your time.


Grooming and Care

Grooming is another time consuming activity that you will have to take care of when you’re a dog owner. In order for your dog to remain happy and healthy, you need to groom it carefully. This includes looking after its dental hygiene and taking care of its coat. There are so many aspects to this, and it takes time to deal with them. You will also need to take your dog to the vet for checkups or consultations if there is ever a problem. Again, this means taking time out of your ordinary schedule, which is not always easy for busy people.


Signs You Shouldn’t Get a Dog

You’re Hardly Ever Home

If you’re the kind of person that is never at home, you might want to think twice about becoming a dog owner. You need to be around to look after your dog. And while the dog is still getting used to its new environment, it’s important that someone is always around with it in the home. It’s not a good idea to leave the dog alone in your home until it’s fully familiar with its surroundings and is comfortable there. If that’s not possible, and you’re just out a lot in general, it might not be a great idea to get a dog.


You Want a Puppy Not a Dog

Yes, we all love puppies, but puppies become dogs, and you have to be prepared for that. If you just want a puppy but not so much a dog, then you should not get one. It’s not fair for the dog if you’re only going to care about it and pay attention to it when it’s small. This seems like a very obvious thing to point out, but there are many people out there who get bored of their dog when it’s no longer small and cute. Don’t be one of those dog owners.


You’re Assuming Someone Else in the House Will do All the Work

It’s always easy to say that if you don’t have time to look after the dog, someone else in the house will do it for you. But is that realistic? Other people have commitments too. If you can’t be sure that you’re going to have the time for your dog, you shouldn’t assume that other people in the family will. Yes, this has to be a collaborate effort that involves the whole family. But don’t simply pass on the responsibility to other people.


You Can Never Find Time to Exercise

If you struggle to look after yourself and find time to exercise now, that’s a sign that you might be too busy to look after a dog. Your dog will need to be walked, and if you don’t have time to get active yourself, how will you find time to get active with your dog? It’s something that is definitely worth thinking about, and you certainly shouldn’t ignore this issue if you’re about to get a dog in the near future.


Time-Saving Options and Solutions

Get an Automatic Dog Ball Thrower

Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to play with your dog and give it attention. Of course, you do have to find some time to pay attention to your dog and to play with it. But for the times when that’s just not possible for whatever reason, there are some gadgets that can help you out. The best of them is the automatic dog ball thrower. It can keep your dog active and entertained when you’re not able to devote your attention to them. Fast Dogs interactive dog toys are great for owners that are short of time. Browse the options and purchase the ones that suit you.


Take Advantage of Walkers and Sitters

You don’t need to do everything yourself when you own a dog. You can just as easily take advantage of the services provided by other people. For example, dog walkers can help you out from time to time if you’re not able to walk your dog for whatever reason. If you’re willing to pay for this service, it can really save you time and energy during times when you have a lot of work to deal with or other things going on in life. If you occasionally travel as part of your job, dog sitters are really helpful as well.


Choose a Small Dog for Easier Transportation

One of the things that can take up a lot of your time is sorting out transportation. Sometimes, you need to get your dog around. And if your dog is so big that it can’t even fit comfortably in your car, you will waste a lot more time and energy. So, you need to keep this in mind when the time comes to choosing the type of dog you want for your family. If you get your choice wrong, your life as a dog owner will become a lot harder than it should be. A small dog offers you so much more convenience, and save you a lot of problems later on.

It’s important to think very carefully about whether or not you have the time required to take care of a dog. Keep the things mentioned above in mind when deciding whether this move is the right one for you and your family.

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