5 French Decor-Inspired Bedroom Styling Tips

The French might as well be the world’s most stylish people. With their perfectly tied scarves, berets and memorable architecture, it’s as if les français has become synonymous with sophistication. So it’s only natural that the French style has extended to interiors, and if we might add, quite successfully. The French carry an air of high style life without even looking like they try, and that is what your bedroom style needs to be able to recreate.

Master Bedroom Ideas

Your bed is the pièce de résistance

Ah, l’amore, the French are famous for their romance, wine and love making, so it is no wonder that the bed is the focal point in French decor. A big bed, placed in the centre of the room is a must. Now, keep in mind that the bedstead is key for nailing this style. You can opt for provincially rustic and colorfully painted one, or an ornately carved lighter shades of wood. The key is to pair it with a great pair of sheets in neutral colors and just throw a few pillows on it. There should always be an element of undone-ness


Add a dash of royalty

After all, beautifully and richly decorated halls of Versailles leave all the visitors in awe. So why not add a piece of that to your bedroom. A vintage mirror will definitely help you bring that French decor into your space. And if the frame is a bit cracked, even better, it will make it that much more memorable and eye catching. In case you are feeling really royal, you can opt for a gilded mirror so oversized it graces the ceiling, a scene often present in stylish French homes.

French Country Bedroom Ideas

Forget about the big closet

Unlike Americans, the French are not that concerned with the size of their closet. Armoire is more their style, a freestanding storage piece that has drawers, shelves, and/or a hanging rod. It is usually made of wood and has beautiful carved details that make it all that more special and perfect for your French style bedroom. Opt for the lighter shades of wood, or have it painted white. Ideally it should match your bed in design, color and material.


The armchair

We all have that one armchair where we place our clothes, layer upon layer until a pile is created. Now in French decor that cannot be any old chair, and it definitely cannot be use for laundry. An armchair serves the purpose of creating a cosy reading corner that can serve as your sanctuary. You can pair it with a vintage lamp, and opt for shaggy rugs online in Australia for the space in front of the chair, to make the whole design come together and create the perfect French Style bedroom corner anywhere in the world.


Mind the details

As they say the devil is in the details, in this case we can say, so is the French style. We have talked about the bigger pieces of furniture that will help you transform your bedroom, but without the accessories, your design will not be complete. Start with opting for a chandelier instead of classic ceiling light. It will provide your bedroom with a vintage, romantic feel, and add a bit of sparkle to the design. Next comes the art, a few carefully placed paintings, from French authors naturally, are exactly what you need to nail the style.

Finally, don’t forget about flowers. Whether you opt for a fresh bouquet or some floral patterns spread across the room. Flowers play an important role in French design, and will help make your bedroom that much more romantic and gentle.

Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid, and so do you. By adding piece by piece, you can create your perfect bedroom design inspired by the breathtaking French style. This will be the place of beauty, love and happiness, and each detail will make it that much more special for you and your loved ones.

Amuse toi bien!


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