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Animal Traks Flip Flops for Kids

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Animal Traks.  As always, all opinions are my own and are never influenced by compensation.
Finding the right footwear for your kids is extremely important.  Obviously you want their feet to be comfortable and protected, but the shoes also have to appeal to them and their individuality.  You want your kids to be able to focus on having fun and looking good, but you don't want to be worrying about them ruining an expensive pair of shoes during play time.  My oldest is totally a flip-flop girl, but the cheap ones give her blisters.  Finding the right pair of shoes in the perfect price point is key, which is why we're loving Animal Traks sandals right now.

If you’re looking for shoes that your kids will really enjoy, the Animal Traks flip flops are a great choice.  Aside from Animal Traks being an adorable, comfortable pair of flip flops, they have a unique feature about them.  The bottom of the shoes have a unique animal paw print stamp which transfers over to sand, dirt, concrete and other ground surfaces.  What's more, is that the sole of these shoes are made of a thick foam, which provides comfortable arch support for your kiddos.

Animal Traks sandals are quick to dry, easy to wash, and very durable.  My daughter wears hers just about every day and has for the last two-three months.  We haven't seen any obvious signs of wear and tear, aside from a little staining which comes out in the washing machine.  I've been very impressed with their quality and how the stamp feature holds up, even after weeks of walking on various surfaces.

You can find a variety of prints, sizes and colors on Animal Trak's Amazon page.  Whether your child is into wolf prints, bear prints, tiger prints or dinosaur prints, there's something for every adventurous kid.

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