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Three of the Best States To Visit For The Ultimate Staycation

A lot of us in the United States tend to stay in the country for our vacations. The country is huge, with lots of different things to suit all different people.  Plus, you can head anywhere on a plane, so it can still feel like you are going abroad even though you're not. But where are some of the best states to visit, if you want to have a staycation?  Here are a few ideas for places that you can visit with plenty to see and do.


Pennsylvania might not seem like an obvious choice for a vacation, but there is plenty to do and see. It isn’t the best choice if you are wanting a relaxed or sunbathing vacation. But it works well for those of you that are looking for a vacation that is full of sights, history and activities. You could visit Pittsburgh for things like the Carnegie Museums and the Andy Warhol Museums. For younger families the zoo and botanical gardens are a must see, right? If you wanted to head out further east, you could visit Philadelphia. Then you can more historic sites like the Liberty Bell and independence Hall. There are lots of civil war artifacts and battlefields in Gettysburg too. If you decided to head out to the country, then there are more active things that you could do. Outdoor pursuits like rock climbing, campfire cooking and archery would be available at outdoor centres in the area. The Blackrock Retreat is an example of a christian retreat center in that area.


There are lots of different things to do in the state of California. If you are looking for some sunshine, then it is a good location to almost have that guaranteed. It would be a great choice if you want to relax, because of all of the beaches the state has to offer. You could also see lots of different things. San Diego in the south is a city filled with family friendly things to do like the zoo. You could go to Los Angeles and Santa Monica, to see who you can see! The shopping and restaurants are great in those areas too. You can even get tours of different film studios. Then for something completely different, you could head over to the more northern part of the state. You could visit places like Oakland and San Francisco. They are a little different to other parts of the state; the country even. The trams around the city of San Francisco are like no other, as well as some famous movie sites.


Florida, at the other end of the country, is a great place for a staycation. The beaches are amazing and quite often will be quieter than their Californian counterparts. You have plenty of theme parks to choose from, especially if you choose the Orlando area. If you would like a little spot that is less touristy, then Tampa or Miami are great spots to choose. Still filled with lots of fun things for families, though.