Things To Do During Naptime

Naptime is one of the best times for moms. After all, it means you can shift your attention from the baby to other things in the humble abode. And it can be an hour of the day where you focus on you. But for a lot of moms, they waste this time and are soon back tending to their baby’s needs. And they look back and wish they had used it for more worthwhile things. After all, you will be surprised how much you can actually get done while your baby is asleep. Therefore, here are some things to do during an hour nap which will ensure you use the time wisely.

what to do during naptime

Do some exercise

It’s easy to put exercise on the backburner after you have a child. After all, it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do exercise when you have a little one to look after. But exercise is so important to keep you fit and healthy. In fact, alongside eating a well-balanced diet, it’s one of the top ways you can stay in shape. Without it, you can soon face obesity which can bring a wealth of problems like high blood pressure. Therefore, while your child slips into a deep slumber, you should do some exercise. It might be that you do a 60-minute session of Zumba. It will get your blood pumping and will help you to shift that baby weight. Or for something more relaxing, you might want to do some yoga. It can help you strengthen those muscles including your pelvic floor which is a must after having a baby. Just make sure you check with your doctor before you start doing exercise after having a baby.


Make some money online

It can be difficult after you have a baby to keep your funds up. After all, you can’t work after having your little one. But there are some ways you can build up your funds from the comfort of your own home. If you have a particular skill which you can use from home, you might want to look for a bit of freelance work. Or you ought to pursue the blogging route. After all, if you build your readership, you will soon be able to get advertising and sponsored posts. And both of these can ensure you make a tidy amount every month. Also, you might want to consider filling out some surveys online. After all, you can answer a few questions and then enjoy a tasty amount in your bank account. Just make sure you look online on a review site; read this first to ensure you are using a legitimate site. That way, you know you are not filling out surveys for pittance!


Get in touch with your friends

It’s so hard for new moms to keep in touch with their friends after their baby has arrived. After all, they are so busy looking after their little one that it can be days before they get a chance to answer a text. And it can be even more challenging if your mate hasn’t got a child. After all, they might not be so understanding why you are not getting in touch. But friends are one of the best ways to put a smile on our faces. In fact, an hour with a good buddy can instantly lift our mood and help us to be happier around our child. Therefore, while your little one is asleep, it’s time to get in touch with your friend for a chat. Give them a ring and catch-up on all the gossip. If you know what kind of time your child usually sleeps, you might even want to invite them over during this time. That way, you can have a good hour chinwag while your baby gets a good sleep. And you will feel in higher spirits after your girlfriend goes!


Tidy Up

It’s so easy for the house to turn into a disaster zone after you have a baby. After all, you have little time to clean up after your little one. Therefore, you can end up dishes left on the side and tons of washing that needs to be put away. So when your baby goes down for a nap, now is a great time to tidy up. You can make sure you do things like fill the dishwasher and put the clothes away, so the kitchen is back in good nick. And you might even want to tidy your child’s bedroom. And with a cleaner house, it will lift your mood too!
And you might even want to use the time to do some crafting. After all, you might be able to make something which you can sell online!

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